Understand the world of intel, this is what Gatot said about many clerics being attacked by crazy people

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Men enter Banten mosque.  Photo: St.

Former TNI Commander General (ret) Gatot Nurmantyo alluded to the rise of ustaz or ulama who were recently attacked by people who were called mad. He said this when he was interviewed by senior journalist Karni Ilyas on his Youtube channel, which will air on Wednesday, September 29, 2021.

“Does the general see the many attacks on ustaz or clerics who are said to be crazy people who have carried out, there are connections and indications of communism?” asked Karni Ilyas, quoted by Hops.id, Thursday, September 30, 2021.

Regarding the number of clerics being attacked, Gatot stated this possibility. “From the events of 1948 and 1965 (the PKI movement), we usually have to go through with it,” he said.

Gatot said, at that time, many ustaz were attacked, including students who were brushed off, killed and did not know where their graves were. That at least, said Gatot, can be seen if we visit East Java, there are many unnamed graves called the graves of kiyai and santri for the atrocities of the PKI.

Men enter Banten mosque. Photo: St.

Gatot admitted that he was surprised, from the first, why the madman only attacked the kiyai and santri. “But it’s just as crazy as the kiyai,” he said.

“Maybe ordinary people who see this are normal, but for me, who is a military man and knows little about intelligence, these indications are one sentence,” he said.

Priest beating man
The man who beats the imam of the mosque Photo: net

From there, Gatot was diligent in raising awareness of the communist movement and the rise of the PKI in the current era. Because they are expected to continue to move.

“So it’s my obligation to remind you, because it was clear from the beginning that the main enemies of the PKI were the Army and Islam,” he said.

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