Viral Artist’s Physical Changes After Marriage, While Still a Charming Beautiful Girl After Marriage Almost Unrecognizable | Most Exciting

  • Share – Physical changes are unavoidable for some women after marriage, especially during pregnancy and after giving birth.

These two moments are the main triggers for changing the appearance of the wives.

Even the changes found are in stark contrast to the appearance before marriage, such as what happened to this artist from Vietnam, Ngoc Anh.

Prior to marrying young actor Do Duy Nam, Ngoc Anh had a very beautiful face with a sharp nose, sharp chin and petite face, which even made her one of the most beautiful artists in Vietnam.


But all these things she did not get again when she was pregnant with her second child.

Where her weight had increased significantly, her face was rounded with a large nose, and her skin had darkened to look like an old woman.


Changes in her appearance did not stop there, after giving birth to her baby via caesarean section, Ngoc Anh received a ‘bonus’ pain that was so intense in her stomach that she rolled over and couldn’t sleep.

“The labor pains are inexplicable. I had to take pain medication and was still in pain the second night after giving birth,” said Ngoc Anh.

Ngoc Anh also suffered from red and itchy rashes all over his body, including the most severe on the face. That is a side effect of the anesthetic that has not gone away, as reported by


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