Yosef was eagerly awaited instead of attending Tuti Amel’s 40-day tahlilan, it’s here again – 1NEWS

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Yosef Hidayah

Yosef Hidayah did not attend the 40-day tahlilan of the late Tuti Suhartini and Amalia Mustika Ratu or Amel. The family of the late Tuti even though they had contacted Yosef about the 40-day tahlilan event.

Long awaited, Yosef did not attend Tuti Amel’s 40-day tahlilan event. It turned out that Yosef held his own tahlilan.

Yosef did not attend the 40-day tahlilan Tuti Amel

One of the families of the late Tuti, Darmanto, revealed that Yosef did not attend the 40-day tahlilan which was held on Monday 27 September 2021. Even though Darmanto was really looking forward to meeting Yosef.

Yosef Hidayah. Instaram photo @tutisuhartuni

“My hope is to meet Pak Yosef, the last time I met him was when he married his daughter, Mrs. Lilis (Tuti’s sister). At this time I really hope to meet him, but God has not allowed it, there are obstacles or something. Or to prevent unwanted things. I understand him,” said Darmanto on Youtube, Heri Susanto, quoted on Thursday, September 30, 2021.

It turned out that from information received by Tuti’s family, Yosef was not present because he was holding his own tahlilan.

“Mr. Yosef was informed that he did not come because he held a prayer with Cibogo Lembang,” said Heri Susanto.

Darmanto hopes that the Tuti Amel murder case will soon be revealed so that the public does not wonder and wonder who is the real mastermind behind this murder.

“Hopefully the police can solve this case as soon as possible and catch the mastermind, the motive behind it. We feel relieved, satisfied with the arrest of the perpetrators,” he said.

Yoris is at peace with Yosef

In a conversation with Youtuber and micro-expression expert Poppy Amalya, Yoris said that Tuti’s family was ready to welcome Yosef’s arrival for tahlilan.

“So papa hasn’t been invited. It’s okay to invite,” Yoris told Youtuber Poppy Amalya, quoted on Thursday, September 30, 2021.

Then Yoris’ uncle, Indra Zainal Alim straightened out, the family of the late Tuti did not invite Yosef to come. Because this recitation event does not need an invitation.

Joseph and Yoris
Yosef and Yoris at the golf area. Facebook Photos

“Our plan is to remind him who knows he (Yosef) can attend. We’ll call you later, we’ll wait,” said Indra, who is the Head of Jalancagak Village.

Poppy then responded, I hope that the 40-day tahlilan will be a momentum to continue the relationship between Yoris and Yosef, which was interrupted due to the murder of Tuti Amel.

Indra said that the relationship between Yoris and Yosef was not really that bad. According to Yoris’ uncle, his nephew’s relationship with Yosef was due to the wild news circulating on the internet and Youtube.

“So the opening has stopped (Yorris Yosef’s friendship), maybe because of the impact of media information on that. So that’s what became a bit of chaos. As part of the family of the deceased and also Uncle Yoris, we neutralize the situation, so there should be no mutual suspicion,” he said.

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