Zaskia Gotik is called separated bed, Sirajuddin is caught by his ex-wife

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Zaskia Gothic

Zaskia Gotik is rumored to be separated from the bed.

Only one year into the household, Zaskia Gotik and her husband Sirajuddin Mahmud Sabang were hit by unpleasant rumors.

Recently, it was rumored that Gotik and her husband had separated. This is even more convincing to the public, especially since Gotik seems to rarely post his togetherness with his husband.

On the other hand, this mother of one child has also started to return to the entertainment stage after her vacuum after marrying her husband.

However, there are also rumors that currently Sirajuddin has fled to the house of his ex-wife, Imel Putri Cahyani, in the Jagakarsa area, South Jakarta.

This was revealed by a source with the initials D directly to Insertlive who said that Zaskia Gotik’s husband often entered Imel’s house.

However, the presence of Sirajuddin Mahmud to Imel’s house did not bring his son or Zaskia Gotik.

“Yesterday I saw Zaskia’s husband often come here, there are no children,” said a male source with the initials D quoted from the Insertlive page.

Zaskia Gothic got married
Zaskia Gotik married Photo: Lambe Turah.

However, Gotik seems to have immediately denied the rumors by uploading a photo of her husband to Instagram recently.

“Arsilla’s father” wrote Gotik on Gotik’s Instagram recently.

In addition, Gotik has not yet commented on the news of Sirajuddin Mahmud’s recent arrival to his ex-wife’s house.

Previously, the public was also shocked by the condition of Sirajuddin’s ex-wife, Imel, who had cancer. Imel is also known to often post his condition lying against cancer.

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