Zoya Amirin reveals delicious male liquid, beware of being tempted

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1NEWS – Sexologist Zoya Amirin, said the shape of a man’s fluid can give an idea of ​​certain traits.

“Because the nature of the man is like that,” said Zoya in a video broadcast on November 20, 2019 on Zoya Amirin’s YouTube channel.

Zoya said, the fluid nature of men is difficult to be loyal and not flirting or flirting. This sexologist said the speed of the anal fluid was 40 kilometers per hour.

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According to him, while in the womb, male fluids will be spread by the millions. However, only one won.

According to him, this is like the type of man who tends to like to try, but if he can it is only considered a bonus.

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So, Zoya considers a woman who can put boundaries on a man, in this case, of course, is her partner.

“Men who already love their women usually don’t want to try weird things,” he said.

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However, sometimes if you glance at it from such and such a nature, it makes it hard not to glance at other women.

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