After getting married, you and your partner are required to date again

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1NEWS, Sometimes, when you and your partner become parents after marriage, it often puts children as the top priority.

Indeed, it is not wrong.

However, you also have to grow more seeds of love between you, so that it blooms again like the courtship or the first honeymoon. One of them is by “dating back” after marriage.

Doing “dating back” does not have to have dinner in a fancy place accompanied by romantic music. You can do this simply by eating meatballs at your partner’s favorite place, while talking about some light things or telling funny past memories of eating meatballs at that place.

You also do “dating back” at home, by watching a movie or series that you want to watch in the middle of the night with your partner holding hands, while the children are fast asleep. Usually, in the middle of the film or at the end of the film, sometimes couples immediately share what is being felt in their hearts and minds.

That way, you will be more infatuated with romance, even though you have sailed the household ark for years.

Reported from the Wedding Bee page, here are the reasons why you and your partner should “go back”.

Get to know more

Before marriage, maybe you know your partner best. However, getting married is like choosing a cat in a sack. You don’t really know your partner’s character.

Moreover, if after marriage you are immediately bothered by the presence of the Little One.

Taking time to be alone with your partner after having children allows you to get to know each other more deeply.

Discussion about children

While at home, you will be busy taking care of the children and working together. Unfortunately, when night falls, I feel like I just want to sleep because I’m tired.

In fact, a husband and wife must always make time to do it pillow talk aka a small discussion about anything before bed, even if only for five minutes.

If you and your partner are too busy and can’t discuss while at home, take advantage of the opportunity together, even if only in the middle of the night, to talk heart to heart about your children and household needs.


Says who move on is it always good? For married people, no words move on even once, especially in dealing with problems that occur while navigating the household ark.

You and your partner must remember how the beginning of love between you grew and its journey full of twists and turns.

Guaranteed when you come home after dating, you will love it even more.

From now on, you and your married couple must re-schedule your courtship time, so that it will be more intimate.[]


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