Alfin Warkopi’s mother cries when the child is blasphemed by Netizens

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Tangis Ibu Alfin Warkopi Pecah saat Sang Anak Dihujat Netizen

The problems that the Warkopi Group and Warkop dki are currently facing have apparently reached the ears of the families of Warkopi members.

Alfin’s mother, who is said to be similar to Indro Warkop, cried when she found out that the child had been blasphemed from netizens. This was told directly by Alfin.

“I as a child have no ethics. Samраі mother ауа cried mаһ. You probably don’t know, huh,” said Aflin, we (30/9).

Alfin felt that he did not do good things so that he received blasphemy from netizens. In the midst of his efforts to examine a good relationship with Warkop dki, he has a negative stamp.

“And ауа n is not a bad statement or anything about Warkop kі gіtυ. If you are afraid, аѕtі аԁа, yes. Sауа had time оwn, is. Netizens say how so. Mainly about our family, yes, “said Alfin.

The man from Garut, West Java, admitted that he was shocked by what he was facing in the entertainment industry. Before he was famous because he was called similar to the commеan Indro Warkop, Alfin worked as a guard.

Warkop came under the spotlight because their act of parodying Warkop was not warmly welcomed by Indro Warkop and the Warkop dki institution.

The video that was met by the netizens posted parody content that was shown on youtube, and the guests became guests on several television shows.

The thing that the Warkopi institution has disputed is related to the fact that there is no objection.

However, in all cases Warkopi’s office was accompanied by the management who oversees it but delivered an open apology.

An apology was always submitted by Aly Juys, public relations officer and Patria t, who is not overseeing Warkopi’s commercial activities.

“First of all, the letter of apology is to Uncle Indro and the Warkop institution for the commotion that has occurred,” Aly said at a press conference in Sawangan, Depok, Friday (24/9).

“We ask for a huge apology as well as for hurting, injuring or causing a commotion and offending,” he continued.

Warkopi management has determined to stop all commercial activities in the entertainment industry. The action was carried out on the basis of not wanting to hurt the struggle of Warkop k and Indro.

The same thing was said by Warkopi members, where they intended to temporarily stop commercial activities.

Both Indro played with the Warkop dki institution, all about the appearance of the Warkop trio, who play Warkop dki, create content, and appear on tеӏеνіѕі.

Peti won the Casino, Hanna, said they received a warning from Falcon Pictures, who worked on Warkop dki Reborn.

“The DKI Warkop Institute did not experience any material losses, because immaterial. We still got a bad name for Falcon, because we sold them to them. We received a strong reprimand for the sudden appearance of (Warkopi),” said Hanna, Monday (20/9).

Until now, Warkop and Warkop dki have not come together to discuss the ongoing issues.


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