Breaking! Toyota answers speculation that the new Avanza will use a turbo

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The latest generation of Avanza

The plan for the presence of the new Toyota Avanza is indeed being heavily discussed. There is even speculation that this low multi-purpose vehicle (LMPV) will carry a turbo device.

Confirming this to a trusted source at Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), it turns out that speculation about the latest Toyota Avanza using a turbo device is a figment.

Today, Friday, October 1, 2021, a trusted source from the Hops editorial team confirmed that there are no additional instant power devices or turbos in the latest Toyota Avanza model.

DN Six latest generation Avanza Photo: Ist

The source said that today he saw firsthand the latest Toyota Avanza unit which will be launched for Indonesian consumers in the near future.

“There is no turbo device, all engines still use a capacity of 1.5 liters,” said a source via a short message Friday, October 1, 2021.

More detailed sources also confirm that speculation about the new Toyota Avanza using a turbo device at this time is indeed not a model that is prepared to use a turbo device.

The latest generation of Avanza
The latest generation of Avanza Photo: ist

“The new Toyota Avanza is not designed to use a turbo,” he explained.

The latest generation of Toyota with a more sporty design and many changes from the exterior sector are starting to be revealed, although through the rendering design it is believed that it will be the next generation of Toyota Avanza.

This news has been heard by the manufacturer PT Toyota Astra Motor, who considers that the Avanza rendering model is expected to be the latest model to have a sporty design that has appeared on social media.

New Toyota Avanza 2021

As is known, the Toyota Avanza which has been present in Indonesia since 2003 is known as the car of a million people and always brings updates through its facelift version. The latest generation that really brings an all new design, happened in 2019.

Where three years ago, the Toyota Avanza made many changes ranging from exterior, interior design to the latest engine generation.

The latest generation of Toyota Avanza
Toyota Avanza Photo: Bestcarweb

Currently, the Toyota Avanza is still one of the multi-purpose vehicle family models that has gained considerable consumer trust. No wonder this model is the backbone of Toyota’s sales in Indonesia, even as a model that has been exported to dozens of countries around the world.

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