Bride in Makassar doesn’t want to be touched by her husband, this is the real story

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A video circulated of a bride refusing to be touched by the groom on her wedding day.

Not only that, the woman even cried as if refusing to marry.

Misinformation circulating on social media said the man had a lot of wealth, gold mines, coal so he was able to marry a woman who tried to reject him.

However, the information circulating on social media is not true. Launch matasulsel.comThe two lovebirds got married because their parents arranged an arranged marriage.

Initially Refusing Matchmaking
The couple initially refused an arranged marriage, because they did not know each other and love each other.

But because of the wishes and expectations of both parents, they finally underwent the arranged marriage.

“Men and women’s parents have family relations, their parents hope that with this matchmaking their families will be closer, not because of wealth or other factors so that they are married,” said a relative of the groom who did not want to be named as quoted from Matasulsel. .com.

It is known that the wedding took place on Saturday, October 19, 2019 on Jalan Bontoa, Tamalanrea, Makassar.

From the video circulating, the bride is reluctant to be touched or in Makassar custom known as assikarawa.

But after the two of them sat on the aisle, the bride and groom began to accept each other.

It can be seen from the intimacy and happiness on the faces of the bride and groom.

“He had refused his bride during Assikarawa, it’s natural because he might not have accepted the matchmaking gracefully, but in the end, he was happy to be seen sitting on the aisle of tawwa, God willing, Sakinah Mawaddah and Warahmah,” he concluded.

Source: 1NEWS


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