Can’t wait to be a father, Rizky Billar: It’s fun to be a sugar daddy soon – 1NEWS

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Rizky Billar gave shocking news to the public about his marriage. He revealed that he had married Lesty Kejora in early 2021. Now, Lesty is pregnant with her first child.

Rizky Billar seems impatient to be a father soon. This was revealed by Rizky through his Instagram account.

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Then, in the comments column of his account, Rizky Billar jokingly said that he would soon become a sugar daddy.

“Soon to be a sugar daddy. cool,” he wrote.

Rizky announced Lesty’s pregnancy on Tuesday (21/9/2021). They conveyed the news through a live broadcast that aired on the Rans Entertainment YouTube channel.

“Alhamdulillah, at this time we are being given a big trust, a big trust by Allah SWT for us to take care of, we educate, we raise,” said Rizky Billar, as quoted by Indozone.

“In short, Alhamdulillah Dedek is currently pregnant,” he continued.

Not only that, on that occasion the couple who is often called Leslar also revealed that they had previously married religiously (siri) in early 2021.

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