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Conte explains why Verratti is important to PSG

Former Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte revealed that Italian midfielder Marco Verratti is an important figure who is difficult to replace in Paris Saint-Germain’s midfield because the player has personality, quantity and quality.

Since being brought in from Pescara in 2012, Marco Verratti did not take long to become an important retainer for Paris Saint-Germain and even now his position in the middle sector is difficult to replace. The importance of Verratti’s presence can indeed be seen where his presence on the field can help his teammates not only in building attacks but also in breaking the opponent’s movement.

The advantages of Verratti are indeed widely recognized by great world coaches ranging from Pep Guardiola to Antonio Conte. The Italian coach in an interview with Sky Sport revealed that the role of the former Pescara retainer towards PSG is very important.

The presence of Verratti for Conte is able to buy personality, quantity and quality because if the midfielder is absent, PSG’s performance will certainly decline. The coach has no doubts that the 28-year-old midfielder is a player whose role is very difficult to replace.

Not only does Verratti have excellent technique and passing ability, he is also known not to be easy to press by opponents because of his very capable individual qualities. That’s why when the player is on the field, the performance of PSG does look much improved, especially managing attacks well from the middle.

Having entered a mature age, PSG certainly hopes that this is the time for Verratti to really lead the midfield of Mauricio Pochettino’s team in order to win the Champions League title this season. The player just helped Italy win the Euro title a few months ago, of course if he can help PSG win the Champions League title then his prestige is even more complete.

One thing that usually becomes a problem for Verratti is that he has suffered injuries quite often in previous seasons, especially in important matches in the semifinals. At the beginning of the season, the player had been absent from defending his club for some time.

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