Covid-19 Handling Malpractice, Public Expected to Report – 1NEWS

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Beritabali/ist/Malpractice Handling Covid-19, Public is Expected to Report.

The Indonesian Ombudsman, the Bali Representative, hopes that the public or people who feel they have accepted malpractice during the handling of COVID-19 can report it to the Ombudsman.
With this report, at least it can be forwarded to the relevant agencies, or at least as soon as possible a solution can be found. This was conveyed by the Head of the Indonesian Ombudsman for the Bali Representative, Umar Ibn Alkhatab who was met recently in Denpasar.

“The public who have experienced malpractice during the handling of Covid-19 to date, of course, can directly or immediately report to us (the Indonesian Ombudsman Representative in Bali),” he explained.

If the public really feels that this is a malpractice that causes losses, he said, it is better to report it so that the Ombudsman knows what the problem is and what kind of solution needs to be improved in the future.

“We really hope that the public will be more open if there are people who experience bad treatment in receiving health services,” he explained.

If in the submitted report, the public wants their identity to be kept secret, it will certainly be done. However, he said, this was actually not necessary because it was a crucial issue.

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