Covid-19 Update in Early October 2021, New Cases Low to 1,624 a Day | 1NEWS

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The number of daily cases continues to shrink.

Dream – The condition of Covid-19 in Indonesia is starting to approach numbers like the initial period of the emergence of a pandemic in the country. Within a week of working days, new cases of Covid-19 were even recorded only once, breaking the number above 2,000.

The movement of new Covid-19 cases was mostly in the range of the lowest of 1,390 and the highest of 2,057 cases.

The latest data from the official page of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force,, as of October 1, 2021, reported 1,624 new cases. Compared to yesterday, the number of new cases has decreased by 66 cases from the previous 1,690 cases.

The total number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia so far has reached 4,216,728 cases. While active cases decreased by 1,274 cases, bringing the number of patients under treatment to 34,867 cases.

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Healing Rate Continues High

The daily cure rate remains higher despite the decline. It was recorded that 2,811 cases had recovered from Covid-19, lower than the previous day’s 2,848 cases.

Although declining, this figure is comparable to the trend of pandemic recovery. Meanwhile, the total number of recovered cases has now reached 4,039,835.

The daily death rate has also shrunk to below 100. Today there are 87 cases of Covid-19 who died.

This daily number of cases is lower than yesterday’s 113 cases. Meanwhile, the total is now 142,026 cases.

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More and more getting vaccinated

The vaccination achievement was able to be held at the level of 1 million per day even though it was only the first dose. While the achievement of the second dose remains above 500 thousand per day,

Today, as many as 1,082,000 people get the first dose of vaccine. This figure adds to the total achievement of the first dose of vaccination to 92,161,001 people.

Today’s second dose of vaccination reached 637,337 people. The accumulated recipients are 51,750,697 people,

Meanwhile, the third dose today has been received by 7,993 health workers. The number of health workers who have been injected with the vaccine three times now stands at 940,475 people.

Covid-19 data© Covid-19 Task Force

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