Denies committing fraud, Olivia Nathania Nia Daniaty’s child even blames her high school teacher

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Olivia Nathania (Ari/

1NEWS – Princess Nia Daniaty, Olivia Nathania who was reported to Polda Metro Jaya under the article of fraud by Agustin, his high school teacher finally appeared. Olivia and her husband, Rafly N Tilaar or Raf were reported on September 23, 2021. They were charged with Article 378 of the Criminal Code and or Article 372 of the Criminal Code and or Article 263 of the Criminal Code. Olivia is suspected of defrauding hundreds of victims with losses of up to Rp. 9.7 billion under the guise of Candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS).

Accompanied by his attorney, Olivia Nathania denied allegations of fraud. Oliv asserted that he never promised to bring someone to enter as a civil servant.

According to Olivia Nathania, the complainant, Agustin, was not a victim as he claimed. Oliv admitted that it was Agustin who persuaded and invited hundreds of victims to become civil servants.

Olivia Nathania (Ari/1NEWS)

“Ms. Agustin is actually not a victim. Instead, she recruited these people. Because I have never met directly with the people she mentioned,” Olivia Nathania said at a press conference in the Fatmawati area, South Jakarta on Thursday (30/9). ).

Susanti, Olivia Nathania’s attorney, added that her client had never had direct contact with the victims, who were said to be 225 people. However, Agustin as the reporter who peddled training services to enter CPNS to victims. In addition, Agustin deliberately promised the lure of graduation to the 225 people.

“So Agustin’s mother was the first to present to her family, to those 225 people. So they persuaded them to become civil servants candidates. With the lure of graduating. Meanwhile, does Oi guarantee that these people will pass?” Susanti asked Olivia again.

“No,” Olivia Nathania answered firmly.

Olivia straightens up, she has only been running a business by opening tutoring to enter CPNS.

“I need to clarify here as for me holding lessons to enter the CPNS. Let’s talk about tutoring. You can check later the place is there, the teacher is there. And indeed I received money from there worth Rp. 25 million per person,” concluded Olivia Nathania.



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