Despite threats from the Taliban, the US is indifferent to continuing drone operations in Afghanistan: We have rights!

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Pentagon spokesman, John F Kirby

The Pentagon says the United States has the right to continue flying its drones over Afghanistan, despite threats from the Taliban. The statement was issued by Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby at a press conference.

“We believe we have the authority we need to continue to protect the nation,” John Kirby told reporters.

Kirby said the United States would continue to carry out attacks under the pretext of maintaining the security of the American people there.

“We have the authority we need to continue to defend our interests and the security of the American people there and around the world, and we will do that,” Kirby added.

Pentagon spokesman, John F Kirby. Photo:

On that occasion, Kirby also said that the US had long been concerned about Afghanistan’s neighbor, Pakistan, which he called a safe haven for terrorists, including the Taliban.

“We have been very honest about our concerns with Pakistan for a long time, about the shelters that are on their side of the border. And those concerns are still valid today,” he said.

As Afghanistan’s neighbor, Kirby said, Pakistan also has equality and responsibility regarding terrorism in its territory.

“We are continuing to have honest conversations with Pakistani leaders about our concerns. I think it’s important to keep reminding that the people of Pakistan, too, have been victimized by the terrorist threat emanating from these groups and along the same border,” Kirby said.

Taliban furious that US drones still roam Afghanistan’s skies

Kirby’s statement about the US having the right to continue attacks in Afghanistan followed the words of Taliban officials who were furious that US drones were still roaming the Afghan skies. The Taliban say the US is violating international agreements and is not complying with the 2020 Doha peace accord.

Taliban group.  Photo: Then24
Taliban group. Photo: Then24

“The United States has recently violated all international law and its commitments to the Islamic Emirate (Afghanistan) and Afghan airspace occupied by US drones. These violations must be corrected and prevented,” the Taliban said.

In fact, the Taliban warned of the consequences for America if they continued to carry out drone attacks on Afghan territory.

“We will call on all countries, especially the United States, to comply with their commitments and international law to prevent negative consequences,” the group continued.

However, the Taliban did not elaborate on what consequences they meant. But what is certain, with these threats, they assert their control over the territory of Afghanistan today.

US drones are still operating in Afghanistan under the pretext of attacking militant groups there. In August, US drones attacked the Daesh-K militant group. However, the attack viciously targeted civilians.

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