Here are 6 Tricks to Open a Profitable Grilled Meatball Business

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ACCURATE.CO Grilled meatballs are one of the favorite foods of Indonesians, from children, teenagers, adults, to the elderly.

It is undeniable because the taste is indeed delicious, especially when eaten warm, added with chili sauce.

In addition to the gravy meatballs, one processed meatball that is widely sold in the market is grilled meatballs. Seeing the number of meatball fans, it’s only natural that this one processed food deserves to be a business opportunity.

So that the results are profitable, here are some tricks to open a grilled meatball business that can be practiced.

1. Make your own meatballs

Whatever the type of food business, it’s good to make your own to save expenses. In addition, you are free to determine the portion of meat you want to add when making meatballs to maintain the taste and quality according to your version.

The ingredients needed are quite simple, namely ground chicken, tapioca flour, shallots, and other seasonings. After that, shape the meatballs into a round with the size according to taste. You can make a variety of meatballs so consumers can choose. It can be in the form of regular round meatballs or tofu meatballs.

2. Determine the location to sell

Next is to determine the location to sell. Do you want to sell at markets, schools, or in special stalls where food is lined up. The choice of a selling location has a huge impact on the provision of capital, you know!


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