Hops.ID clarification regarding the news of Tyas Mirasih’s alleged infidelity

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Tyas Mirasih.  Source: Instagram

In this era of information disclosure, Hops.ID article writing can be sourced from various platforms. One of them is by citing news cores from credible mainstream media to be later developed according to Hops.ID’s writing style.

As we did in the article ‘Call her husband cheating on her with Tyas Mirasih, Tengku Tezi’s wife: I have proof…’ which aired on September 29, 2021. The article quoted a source statement conveyed through an exclusive interview to Kumparan with the title ‘Exclusive: Revealed! Tyas Mirasih had an affair with Tengku Tezi before the divorce.

As an online media that upholds writing ethics, Hops.ID has listed credit point in each article sourced from an exclusive interview to the Coil.

In terms of news material, it is possible for a media to quote news from other media by mentioning the name of the media. This is also what we apply to Hops.ID articles sourced from Kumparan.

As stated on the Press Council website. “Not all reports or quotes from other journalists’ works are plagiarism. The press mechanism allows the work or quotes of other journalists to be published or reported if they meet the specified conditions.”

The Press Council further explained, “In order for reporting or citing the work of other journalists not to be categorized as plagiarism, one of the following conditions must be met: a. Honestly mention clearly the source.”

Responding to the objection letter sent by Kumparan, Hops.ID hereby expresses an apology as a form of good faith and appreciation to fellow professionals.

As a form of further accountability and apology, Hops.ID has included a hyperlink and homepage The coil in the referenced article.

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