Ice Cork Recipe, An Old School Snack Full of Memories That Makes Nostalgic

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1NEWS, Cork ice is a food that has been known by the public for a long time. Different from ice in general, cork ice is made from hunkwe flour. The soft texture is indeed like a cork when bitten. The attractive color and distinctive taste sometimes make you miss the 90s.

This one snack is now quite rare. Don’t worry, this cork ice is quite easy to make yourself at home. Want to experience this old school snack again?

Come on, take a look at the cork ice recipe shared by the Instagram account @ernibryan.


– 150 grams hunkwe flour

– 1000 ml coconut milk

– 350 grams of sugar / according to taste

-1 pack of vanilla sachet

– Salt to taste

– 2 pandan leaves


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