Inspirational Stories of Housewives to Become a Science Journalist

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career housewife

When entering domestic life, women are often faced with a dilemma: Do you want to be a housewife or have a career? As if, women must always choose two different poles that are ‘hostile’ to each other. But is it true, there is no choice for housewives to have a career and still be able to pursue passion?

Housewives (IRT) often get negative stigma. For example, it is considered not enough to have the skills. His business is limited to the kitchen, wells, and mattresses. Unfortunately, it is this assumption that ultimately leads to feelings of inferiority and worthlessness.

Image: Twitter @rochmyaningsih

However, it is a different story for a housewife from Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, Dyna Rochmyaningsih. Status as an IRT doesn’t stop him from pursuing passion.

All the sweat drops paid off. She is now able to prove that she can be a housewife as well as a career, in the midst of all the limitations of her condition.

So, what is the story of Dyna Rochmyaningsih’s journey? The following is the story of this mother of two children through her Twitter account @rochmyaningsih.

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Married at a Young Age: Tired but Enjoyed

career housewife


The 20s are usually a productive period that many people use to build a career. Take a different path, Dyna Rochmyaningsih chose to marry and have a household.

“I got married at 23 and some people were surprised by my decision,” Dyna wrote.

This decision took many by surprise. A series of questions were then asked to him at that time.

“‘Don’t you wanna enjoy your 20s?’ ‘Don’t want to find a scholarship to study for master’s degree?’ ‘Enjoy life first,’ ‘Don’t want to go on an adventure and see the world?’” that was the grapevine of the question he received.

Even so, Dyna is not afraid of her choice. He is determined to let go of being single.

“At the age of 24 I already have a child and live in a rented house in Jakarta. Daily cooking and taking care of the baby. Tired but I just enjoy it,” he recalls.

Learning and Writing While Taking Care of Children

career housewife

Image: Medium

In the midst of the hassle of taking care of the baby, apparently Dyna still took the time to study. He takes advantage of his children’s sleep time to surf the internet, only with an old-school computer.

He continued to study and write whatever was on his mind, even while holding the baby and peeling onions. Slowly but surely, his efforts are starting to pay off.

“While watching my child’s growth, his first smile, his first steps, my writings began to appear in international media,” said Dyna.

Career from Home & International Media Glance, Dyna:

Illustration image

“Not much. One news every 2 months. The honor is 2 million. Not bad for me who works from home,” he continued.

Furthermore, he said, sall the process is done while holding the baby and peeling onions. One thing he is very grateful for, technology makes everything possible. This includes opening the physical barriers that limit her as a housewife.

“I can study even though I don’t go to school and I can work even though I’m not in the office,” he said.

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Housewife Career as a Science Journalist, Opens Many Opportunities

career housewife


Working as a freelance science journalist then opened up many opportunities for Dyna. Starting from additional income to traveling abroad.

“Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Tokyo, Seoul, San Francisco, Lausanne, Sitandiang, Kereng Bangkirai, Asilulu, Bajo Mekar, I can actually visit all of them for free without having to be a scholarship recipient student or office worker,” he said.

But according to Dyna, the achievement that really brought him to tears was a letter from a reader. The letter was sent by a professor at ITB as well as the first scientist at the Bosscha observatory.

Career from Home & International Media Glance, Dyna:

One of the public lectures delivered by Dyna Rochmyaningsih

Here is an excerpt from his letter:

“Your articles are eye-openers, I am happy that many people asked for a copy of your article, last August when I gave a lecture. Congratulations on your work and congratulations on pioneering the voices of the minds and hearts of the basic sciences and research sector.”

Closing the thread on Twitter, Dyna wrote a touching message. She emphasized that getting married, being a mother, and staying at home is not the end of everything.

“Everything will come at the right time as outlined. All we can do is believe in our principles of life, keep learning and stick to it passion,” he concluded.

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The ancient stigma about housewives should be left far behind. In fact, the progress of the times has revealed spaces of awareness about their existence. That, women can choose to be anything with a set of potentials.

Hopefully Dyna Rochmyaningsih’s story can inspire, okay? Maybe you also want to be a housewife with a career or even have a similar experience? Whatever the choice, keep the spirit, yes, Bun.

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