It takes a lot of money to treat malignant cancer, Qomar will auction his painting

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1NEWS – Comedian Nurul Qomar had received special treatment for suffering from colon cancer stage 4C. After undergoing surgery at the end of last August, the Empat Sekawan personnel are now starting to undergo chemotherapy to treat cancer in their digestive tract.

“Today is Abah Qomar’s first day of chemotherapy, once every two weeks or twice a month for the next six months. It’s a process that must be followed,” said Qomar in a video uploaded to his Instagram account @abah.qomar recently.

In his upload, Qomar seemed to accept the pain he was suffering with sincerity. He revealed, currently he is learning to live life. He hopes for the best path and is still given a long life.

“Everyone is a teacher, every place is a school. This is part of school of life, the school of life to go through. We strive and all our friends, friends, family, are our strength. May this process be blessed by Allah. Healthy, long life,” said Qomar.

When met with reporters in the Senayan area, South Jakarta, the former member of the House of Representatives who was once caught in the case of a fake diploma said that he had spent a lot of money. Moreover, chemotherapy will continue for the next six months.

To solve the problem of cost, Qomar intends to auction off his paintings.

“My plan for this six-month program is chemotherapy. It requires quite a large amount of money. I feel how painful it is, how concerned it is for someone who gets the blessing of malignant cancer that attacks the large intestine and small intestine and stage four C,” said Qomar.

Qomar also aka. donated part of the auction proceeds of his paintings to cancer sufferers like himself.

“I plan to auction off all of my paintings, which I own. Most of them will be donated to the sufferers of the same foundation, which we will hand over later,” Qomar concluded.



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