Nia Daniaty’s daughter-in-law is suspected of being a CPNS fraud fund collector

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ACCURATE.CO Rafly N Tilaar or Raf, who is Olivia Nathania’s husband and Nia Daniaty’s son-in-law, is said to be a money holder in the alleged CPNS fraud case.

This was stated by the lawyer for the reporting party, Odie Hudiyanto, who said that there were 225 people who claimed to have been cheated by Olivia Nathania.

Raf asked for money in order to pass the CPNS ranging from Rp. 30 million to Rp. 40 million rupiah. Odie added that some of the victims admitted that they were also asked to hand over money directly to Oli or transferred to Oli’s husband, Raf.

“In this case, Raf’s account is used to make transactions, so if you transfer it to Raf’s account, but if it’s cash it goes directly to Oli,” said Odie at Polda Metro Jaya, Thursday (30/9/2021) night.

Odie said that this information was also given by the reporter Karnu to the investigators during the initial examination at the Polda Metro Jaya.

Odie also said that from the complainant’s confession, Oli often showed photos with officials to convince the victims. Even Oli once showed a photo with echelon I officials of a ministry.

Previously, it was reported that the daughter of the old singer Nia Daniaty, Olivia Nathania, was dragged into a fraud case. He is alleged to have deceived 225 people with the lure of becoming a Civil Servant (PNS).

A number of victims who claimed to have been tricked by the woman who is often called Oli went to the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Semanggi, Central Jakarta, Friday (24/9/2021).

A lawyer for Odie Hodianto said that there were 225 people who were deceived by Oli and her husband who were cadets of the Correctional Science Polytechnic (POLTEKIP), Rafly N Tilaar or Raf.


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