Now Famous, Who would have thought that these 6 artists were former buskers on the streets

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Former Singer Artist

When you hear the word celebrity, you may immediately imagine a glamorous and trouble-free life. In fact, the road to becoming an artist is not always easy. This row of former buskers is proof.

Long before they were known as they are today, these artists had to experience the hardships of life. Starting from pioneering a career competing on the asphalt. Talent eventually led them to become reliable singers.

Who would have thought that only people who looked attractive and came from rich families would be famous, this artist actually grew his mentality on the highway. Who are they? Check out the list that we have summarized below.

6 Artists Former Singers

1. Mbah Surip

Parents still remember Mbah Surip? With her frightening style with long hair, Mbah Surip managed to captivate music lovers from the archipelago with her hits Not Carrying. It didn’t take long for these hits to explode on the market.

Reggae’s signature dreadlocks appearance is his hallmark. But who would have thought, before becoming famous, he had time to feel the harshness of the streets of Jakarta. He tried his luck by becoming a street busker, selling ice lolly, to being a cinema ticket tearer.

The man whose real name is Urip Achmad Rijanto even has to give up the bitterness of being divorced by his wife. Not without reason, Mbah Surip chose to listen to his heart by traveling to Jakarta.

It didn’t go smoothly right away, Mbah Surip felt his familiarity with the bustle of the Blok M area. After singing, this middle-aged man used to sleep on the overhang of the shop on a used cardboard.

Unfortunately, Mbah Surip’s fame did not last long. Age makes him no longer able to taste the beauty of the entertainment stage. The Creator called him at the age of 52 years. Even though he’s gone, his work is still remembered.

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2. Iwan Fals

Former Singer Artist

Iwan Fals is the next former busker to be reckoned with. The man who was born in Jakarta, September 3, started his career by singing on the streets. The owner, whose real name is Virgiawan Listanto, was already singing when he was still in junior high school (SMP) in the city of Bandung.

In fact, at that time he had felt his friend pretended not to know him out of shame.

“I’m singing, with my friend. Yes, I want to know, (I’m) singing good or not. Then, when I came to my friend, he suddenly said, ‘Wow, who are you, I don’t know’, “said Iwan quoted the page.

Instead of being down, the experience became a valuable experience for him. Evidently, the story is now bearing fruit. His name is known in the homeland music scene. All kinds of music genres can be brought by this 6-year-old man starting from pop, rock, country, until folk pop.

Unlike most musicians, Iwan has voiced criticism of the government through his works. It can be seen from some of his songs such as People’s representatives and Aunt Lisa.

There is also a song about his empathy for marginal groups, you name it Afternoon Across the Palace, and my bitch. Not to forget, he poured his heart towards the great disaster that hit Indonesia through a song entitled Ethiopian.

Tenacity led Iwan to win dozens of memorable awards, one of which was when he was named Asian Heroes, namely as one of the “Great Asian Heroes” and Indonesian Village Ambassador by the Minister of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration.

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3. Charly van Houten

Former Singer Artist

Before being as popular as now, Charly turned out to be a street singer, you know, aka a former busker artist. In order to express his talent in singing, the man who was born in Cirebon, November 5, 1982, is singing on the busy streets of Bandung with his beloved wife.

The owner of the real name Muhammad Charly van Houten always remembers the sweat of pursuing a career. At that time, he met many friends with the same fate. Some are still struggling, some have already achieved success with their own paths.

Thanks to his persistence, Charly is under the management of the band ST 12 which consists of Pepep, Pepeng, and Iman. Unfortunately, the band that raised Charly’s name had to disband due to internal conflicts which resulted in a split.

4. Via Vallen

Former Singer Artist

Already famous, the singer Via Vallen was also included in the list of former buskers artists. The harshness of life does not make him stand idly by. Little Via once penetrated the streets of Sidoarjo, and even got him arrested by the Satpol PP.

The world is spinning, now the owner of the real name Maulidia Octavia is already very well known to the public through the song Cheating in 2015. The song Sayang, which he released two years later, also succeeded in attracting Indonesian dangdut music lovers.

His songs made Via Vallen’s name soar on the music stage until he had a fan named Vyanisty. So talented, Via was even asked to sing theme song 2018 Asian Games Reaching for the Stars.

With success in popularizing these songs, it’s no wonder that this 28-year-old woman is nicknamed the Queen of Pop Koplo. Apart from singing, Via also starred in a number of advertisements including Shopee Indonesia, Luwak White Coffee, Tolak Angin, Lady Rose – Bed Cover, and Ertos Beauty.

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5. Klantink

Now Famous, Who would have thought that these 6 artists used to earn money on the streets

The Klantink music group is not as popular as Iwan Fals and Charly van Houten, but this band from Surabaya is included in the ranks of Indonesian musicians who started their singing career.

Joyoboyo Terminal, Surabaya is a silent witness to their struggle. The first song is titled Friends Story released this band in the terminal. The name of this band finally became known when it became a finalist in the Indonesian Talent Search event (IMB).

Through the competition, they brought the genre of indie music that they have been presenting until now. The cohesiveness of the band consisting of Wawan (vocals), Muhammad Saifudin alias Cak Mat (ukulele 1), Imam Dhowe (percussion), Maslukin (ukulele 2), Toni (drums), and Malboro (bass) has really been tested until now.

6. Rian d’Masiv

Now Famous, Who Would Have Thought These 6 Artists Used To Make Money On The Streets

It’s no different from the previous musicians, Rian, who is now the vocalist of the band d’masiv, has experienced the same thing. Before becoming a famous musician as he is now, he and his friends felt the heat of bus after bus to contribute their voices.

In fact, in order to be able to practice in the studio, he had to do it by way of debt so that later he could take part in the festival. That was Rian Ekky Pradipta in one of his Instagram uploads.

“In 2003, I started a band.

If you don’t win, you need to borrow first. It’s good that you have a good studio. 2008 my dream came true @dmasivbandofficial in my dream label contract since childhood @musicastudios after we won the national festival, 1st place out of 3000 bands who participated in the festival“, the caption touched it.

That bitter taste has now paid off with the success of popularizing a number of songs including Go Love, End This Pain, This Love Kills Me, Don’t Give Up, Love Until Here, Between You, and much more.

No one knows how a person’s life journey is, and this former busker artist is no exception. May this story be an inspiration so that you always dare to dream.

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