Revealed Through Ultrasound Video, Is This How Old Lesti Kejora’s Pregnancy Is? | 1NEWS

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How old is Lesti Kejora’s pregnancy?

Dream – Many netizens are curious about Lesti Kejora’s gestational age. Understandably, before registering a marriage under state law, Lesti and Rizky Billar had been married in an unregistered manner.

But the riddle seems to have been answered. A number of gossip accounts on Instagram display the ultrasound results of Lesti’s womb uploaded by Billar. One of the accounts that uploaded the results was @lambeturah_official.

The upload shows that Lesti Kejora’s gestational age is believed to be 27 weeks. ” ’27min = 27 weeks (gestational age),” this is the description of the upload @lambeturah_official.

Rizky Billar's gestational age© Rizky Billar’s gestational age

The post immediately caught the attention of netizens. Again, they guessed the month Billar and Lesti had a siren marriage. There are also those who pray for Lesti and Billar’s future children.

It looks like at the wedding, the makeup is different, not like the usual bride. It turned out that Uda was pregnant. Hope you are healthy until you are born,” wrote the account @mpink94.

If in May she married her husband, it means that February’s birth should also be counted for 9 months, so when she married again, she was fertile, she wasn’t empty.. if it’s 27 weeks, it means she’s married in March.,” wrote the account @rfebriany_.

No wonder her stomach is bigger than Aurel,” wrote the account @giskha_np.

Min, it’s written 2 trims. aka the womb is in the 2nd trimester. The second trimester starts from 13-27 weeks of pregnancy,” wrote the account @nazwa.nabilaahh.

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Honesty About Pregnancy and Marriage Siri Disgusted, Lesti Kejora: ‘Sabodo Teuing’

Dream – Lesti Kejora realized that her decision to admit that she was married and pregnant made many fans disappointed and even blasphemed her. In a short video uploaded to the @lambegosiip account, Lesti shows her patience in dealing with all the insults she receives.

“Explaining the truth to people is endless, it must be like that. Just let it go, the important thing is that we walk in the right corridor,” said Lesti to Rizky Billar.

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Lesti’s words were to calm Billar, who thought about their relationship, which was scorned by netizens.

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`Sabodo Teuing`

While calming her husband, Lesti considers the most important thing from their marriage is the blessing of both parents.

“Parents know, those who have us above (God) know, it’s just like that. Relax, said Pak Haji Rhoma,” said Lesti.

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He also advised Billar not to think too much about the scorn and insults from netizens. Because more and more people are insulting, Lesti hopes to be an avenger of sins for her family.

“Brother also said to dede at that time, “Just let it be, it’s a sin to fall away, they transfer the reward to dede. Now, dede says to brother, they transfer the reward to brother. So sabodo teuing. Yes, just let it go,” he said. (Sah)

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Lesti Kejora’s mother gave a message to delay childbearing after Siri’s marriage, Billar: Missed

Dream – Lesti Kejora admitted that she received a message from her mother, Sukartini, not to get pregnant before she married Rizky Billar. Her mother wanted Lesti and Billar to postpone having a baby before they were officially married by state law.

“When you got married early, Mom said, ‘Take care first,’ she said. Talk about being taken care of (pregnant). I mean, after you got married, Mom said that,” said Lesti Kejora, quoted by Dream from YouTube, Maharani Kemala, Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

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Billar explained that his mother-in-law wanted Lesti to get pregnant after marriage according to state law. Plus the mother was afraid that they were busy filming before the official wedding.

Lesti Kejora© Lesti Kejora

Photo : YouTube Maharani Kemala

“Because we haven’t (officially) legally.

Lesti admitted that she did not comment anything when her mother gave the message to delay having a baby. “Yes, Dede, (Cicing wrote) shut up,” said Lesti.

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Flood of Netizen Comments

This 22-year-old woman’s confession was immediately commented on by netizens. Moreover, the video footage was re-uploaded by a gossip account @lambegosiip.

Lesti Kejora's explanation© Lesti Kejora Explanation

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Not a few who scorned Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora looking for justification. But many also provide support and prayers for them.

Wow, they definitely won this award, both… the drama king and the drama queen,” wrote the account @wiwinjovan.

“The real alibi is just to cover up the disgrace,” said the @tiffany_dev account.

“Congratulations to both of them. May you always be healthy,” wrote the account @ivan_galih.

“Subhanallah…. The stomach already looks big healthy, pregnant women,” said the account @missernawati8.

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Fans’ Disappointment Reaction After Rizky Billar-Lesti’s Confession That Siri Is Married

Dream – The shocking confession of a husband and wife couple, Rizky Billar and Lesti Andryani, who have been married separately and are now expecting their first child, disappointed fans and netizens. This couple is considered to have deceived fans by holding a marriage contract after the two officially married religiously.

“In essence, this is a form of my sense of responsibility, where I want to maintain the dignity of the woman I love,” said Rizky Billar on the Rans Entertainment Youtube channel.

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Eva Celia’s cry is proposed by a lover

It is known that Rizky and Lesti, who is famously known as Lesti Kejora, had a serial marriage in January 2021. The sacred promise was made before they appeared in a lively wedding ceremony in August 2021.

Not only about the serial marriage, Rezky also revealed that Lesti is currently pregnant with the fruit of their love. Previously, Billar had given an unequivocal statement about the pregnancy.

Seeing Billar and Lesti who suddenly revealed about a serial marriage and pregnancy. Some fans and netizens actually felt disappointed with the couple.

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Fan Disappointment Comment

Netizens feel they have been lied to by a series of wedding events on television by this artist couple. The disappointment was spilled by fans and netizens who were still surprised by Billar and Lesti’s decision to hide their marriage.

For the sake of just not thinking about Debay in his stomach, everything makes a lot of events, tight clothes. If you really need a side job, it doesn’t have to be like that, so you can say the most wow marriage is thinking about the debt too,” said the fitrianuraria_29 account.

Kartika Putri doesn’t mind Siri’s marriage, as long as….

After Siri’s wife, now the woman with the initials S admits to being abused by Taqy Malik’s father

Then what’s the use of a proposal…live fiancee on TV…if you’ve been married in a siri way for a few days??? Then on Live on the first night, he told me that Lesti kicked Bilar because he was surprised that he just fell asleep…isn’t that not the first night anymore, huh??? Isn’t it already the hundredth night huh??? #just ask,” said the friedagasper account.

It’s stupid when the application is crying and when the contract is signed, Bilar is tense like before, never been married, where is there a single release event, the night of fostering even though you’re already pregnant, the acting is really amazing,” said the affifa_nadiraa account.

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