The Importance of Young Entrepreneurs in the Agriculture and Fisheries Sector During the Pandemic

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1NEWS, The Covid-19 pandemic that is endemic in Indonesia and several other countries certainly has an impact on several sectors. Therefore, ensuring that there is strong food security is important to be able to meet the increasing food needs of the community.

On the other hand, the potential for the agricultural, livestock and fishery sectors is still large to be optimized by collaborating with each other between business actors from upstream to downstream. Diplomat Success Challenge (DSC) 12, an entrepreneurial competition held by the Wismilak Foundation, presents a webinar with the MarkPlus Institute with the title “Building Impactful Business in Farming & Fisheries Sector”.

Ternakesia Founder & CEO, Dalu Nuzlul Kirom, Co-founder & CSO Aruna Utari Octaviany, and Sirtanio Organic Founder & CEO Ahmed Tessario shared their insights on building social impact businesses in the livestock, fisheries and agriculture sectors.

All three agreed that several important components supporting the survival of a nation, one of which lies in food security. So that to meet food security, optimal human resource potential is needed in maximizing the potential of the sector.

However, many young people are not interested in the world of agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing. This is a crucial problem, where the demand for food always increases but is not accompanied by an increase in the number and quality of producers, especially from the younger generation.

This crucial problem then sparked Utari Octavianty and his two colleagues, Indraka Fadhlilah and Farid Naufal Aslam to establish a start-up business through the mission of sociopreneur, Arun.

“(Aruna) is a pioneering business in the field of fisheries in revolutionizing the marine product trading ecosystem with technology. With the Aruna platform, the supply chain can be more concise because fish purchase transactions occur directly between fishermen or fish cultivators and consumers, without going through middlemen. Fishermen get prices For a decent sale, consumers also get their fish needs at a reasonable price,” he explained in his official statement, Friday (30/9/2021).

Utari acknowledges the fact that most fishermen do not really understand the development of feature technology in Indonesia smartphone became Aruna’s challenge when socializing the new technology offered by the application to fishing groups.

“This is where the role of young entrepreneurs in contributing to educating most fishing groups in adapting to technological transformation. Aruna also brought a pilot project which has been successfully carried out in the fisherman group where Utari grew up, as a concrete proof that this technological transformation adaptation is also effective for and easy to use by fishermen. In addition, Aruna also formed local heroes which helps local fishermen to monitor and operate Aruna,” he explained.


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