The late Glenn Fredly’s birthday, this is the memory of his wife

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Glenn Fredly's Birthday

September 30th is Glenn Fredly’s birthday. Until now, the figure of Glenn Fredly is still loved by many people, so it is not surprising that this special day is still celebrated. Mutia Ayu, his wife also celebrated by reminiscing about the husband she loved so much.

In an upload on his personal Instagram account @mutia_ayuu, he shared his photo with his late husband. Glenn and Mutia are seen wearing batik couple in the photo. Caption Mutia also wrote a short but full of meaning in memory of her husband.

Thanking Husband

Source: Instagram/@mutia_ayuu

“Today is your birthday in heaven above,” Mutia wrote in the upload. The short caption contains a prayer for her husband who is no longer with her and the baby. She also express gratitude.

Mutia is grateful for thinking that Glenn has taught her such a valuable lesson. Thanks to Glenn, he came to understand the true meaning of life. The late Glenn, who was famous for being friendly, also gave Mutia a valuable lesson about the importance of gratitude in life.

“Thank you so far you have taught me the meaning of life more broadly, thank you so far for teaching me to be grateful,” wrote Mutia.

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Missing the figure of Glenn Fredly

Glenn Fredly's Birthday

Source: Instagram/@mutia_ayuu

It’s been over a year since Glenn Fredly’s passing took the country by storm. The Maluku-blooded singer died on April 8, 2020, leaving behind his beloved wife and daughter, Gewa Atlana Syamayim Latuihamallo who was only 2 months old.

A year without a beloved figure, it is not surprising that Mutia really misses Glenn Fredly’s presence. Closing short sentence caption on his Instagram is an expression of the longing he has felt for the past year.

“Babe, you were the greatest blessing that I ever got from God. We miss you a ton, dad @glennfredly309,” wrote Mutia.

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Saving Moments with Glenn Fredly

Glenn Fredly's Birthday

Source: Instagram/@mutia_ayuu

Even though it has been a year since he left, Mutia’s love for her husband never seems to fade. He also revealed that his heart will continue to hold memories and the figure of Glenn Fredly as an irreplaceable husband.

“You will always live in my heart until the end of time! Because this is where I keep all the amazing moments in my life with you,” Mutia wrote.

If fans remember Glenn from his works, then Mutia remembers her husband from the love that was given to him.

“I am sending my blessings on the wings of prayer,” he wrote.

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Remembered by Friends and Fans

Glenn Fredly's Birthday

Source: Instagram/@mutia_ayuu

The musician’s birthday this year is a momentum to remember the figure of Glenn Fredly. Apart from Mutia and her family, her friends and fans also celebrated the moment. Evidently, Mutia’s uploads on Instagram were flooded with happy birthday wishes, prayers, and encouragement for his wife and children.

Various heartwarming remarks were also conveyed by a number of Indonesian celebrities and musicians, one of which was Tompi, a surgeon who is also Glenn’s musical partner. Tompi even uploaded a portrait of Glenn Fredly on his Instagram account. The upload is in the form of a black and white photo with the short sentence, “A friend comes like a shadow”.

Not many words, Tompi just share caption super short under the photo. He also added a short sentence that was previously shared by Glenn via WhatsApp message. “Finishes that are never finished, that’s what we think,” he wrote.

Besides Tompi, director Angga Sasongko also shared a portrait of himself when he was with the late Glenn Fredly. Angga wished his best friend a happy birthday and expressed his longing. Apparently, Glenn Fredly’s birthday is still an important moment for those closest to him.

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