This is proof that people born in 1960-1990 are the luckiest generation. Valid or not?

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Whether we realize it or not, people born in the early 1960s-1990s are the people who deserve the title as the luckiest generation. Those who are currently 30-50 years old are directly witness to changes and shifts in the times that may not have been felt by other generations. So far, we think that people who went through their childhood in the 90s are the generation that is most full of memories, but if you look back, this generation of our parents seems to have more diverse memories.

Starting from business fashion, the social environment, to technology, they are the living witnesses of all of history. Maybe all this time we’ve always discussed the sweet memories of 90’s and early 90’s kids, but we rarely talk about life from the 1960s to the early 1990s. Well, here are the reasons why this generation can be called the luckiest generation. Listen, come on!

1. They were the last generation to witness the glory of the typewriter and now remain nimble with laptops. Now I want to see an old school typewriter, it’s really hard

Typewriter illustration / Credit: vetesnictviukopretinky via

2. FYI Come on, they are also the last generation to record songs from the radio with tape recorder, and now you can enjoy the ease of listening streaming via Spotify, Joox, and the like~

Legend equipment / Credit: store.schoolspecialty via

3. In addition, people born in that year are also the last generation who if you want to play with the gang, you never have to bother making an appointment to use a cellphone.

Illustration of the luckiest generation / Credit: Rambutgayapopular via

4. Unlike us like today, they are the last generation to enjoy the streets without traffic jams everywhere. It’s really good, huh~

5. At that time, falling in love was very difficult. They are the last generation to feel anxious waiting for the postman to come to deliver a love letter reply

Illustration of the old generation / Credit: Cumicumi via

6. Many are not aware that people born between the 1960s and 1990s have enjoyed petrol lamps and oil lamps, while enjoying light bulbs, TL, and LED. Very lame!

Illustration of old school gasoline / Credit: olx via

7. Just like people who spent their childhood in the era of the 90s to 2000s, this generation also went through the era of traditional games, but now they are also still agile playing gadgets

Illustration of an old game / Credit: Pinterest via

8. One of the reasons why this generation is said to be the luckiest generation is because they have experienced times when riding motorbikes on the streets without a helmet will not be caught by the police. Helmets that were trendy at that time were helmets whose models didn’t exist today

Helmet / Credit: Kaskus via

9. You’ve never felt the sensation of watching black and white TV, right? They may be the last witness to the glory of tube TV and black-and-white TV. It used to make me so happy~

Black and white TV illustration / Credit: Pexels via

10. Nowadays, if you want to print photos, you can print them yourself, but this generation has precious memories about the development of cameras from time to time. Moreover, the moments of washing the film from the photos are a joy in itself :’)

Historic place / Credit: YouTube Wit Prasetyo via

If you want to tell a row of reasons why they deserve the nickname as the luckiest generation, I don’t think it will fit and there will be enough time. The reason is, there are so many sweet memories that may only be felt by them and not witnessed by other generations. If you don’t believe me, try asking your own parents in those days. ️

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