Viral Men Marry Rice Cooker, Netizen: Due to being single for a long time, this man decided to marry the white, plump, and good cook

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Marriages with other than living things aka inanimate objects have indeed occurred abroad, and were even legalized by related parties.

But for our country, Indonesia itself has never been, and certainly will never happen considering the religious norms and legal norms that apply.

However, recently a man married an inanimate object in the form of a rice cooker. Her wedding photos spread widely on the Twitter account @lagidirumah, and went viral by being given 44.3 thousand likes and another 13.5 thousand re-shared.

The portrait of the man known as Khoirul Anam with his partner, who is complete wearing a long transparent white veil, was suddenly flooded with various comments from netizens.

“Due to being single for a long time, this man decided to marry the white, plump, and good cook. Lasts forever, “wrote a netizen comment.

“It was very quiet, neither the groom’s nor the bride’s family could be seen. You didn’t get your blessing, did you, sir?” another netizen said.

“Later, if you have children, your face is like a spoon of rice,” joked netizens.

“The real definition of marriage is only looking for someone who can cook. Lol,” said another.

The excitement that was created did not stop there. In the next upload, the @lagidirumah account announced the current condition of the ‘couple’.

The man decided to end his marriage with his rice cooker partner.

“My decision is unanimous. It’s tough, but this is the path I’m taking. No couple is perfect,” he wrote, as reported by

Of course, the wedding procession to the divorce that happened was just a joke. How do you respond?


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