Wants to Help Equitable Electricity in the country, this Indonesian researcher is trying to develop solar panels

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The issue of the climate crisis certainly cannot be underestimated, because in fact it affects almost all aspects of life. Some of them are the electricity crisis which is increasingly threatening along with the rising temperature of the earth.

In connection with this problem, researchers focus on finding solutions to provide clean energy sources that can reduce the impact of the crisis. This is what Noor Titan Putri Hartono, a researcher from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from Indonesia, is trying to do. He aspires to help equalize access to electricity in the country with resources that are environmentally friendly, inexpensive and accessible to the public.

For him, being a researcher is fun, like Sisca Kohl, who has experimented a lot. Titan is now focusing on developing solar panel materials

Titan’s photo on the MIT page/credit: voaindonesia via voaindonesia.com

“It’s really fun like mixing, how about if I add it, okay, order new material, let’s try it… ‘Let’s try it,’ like Sisca Kohl, hahaha…,” he told VOA Indonesia.

This cheerful and humorous woman is a researcher at the MIT Photovoltaic Research Laboratory. Since 2016, he has focused on developing cheaper and more efficient solar panel materials. He revealed that the material sought is still difficult and expensive in Indonesia.

“Because right now the price is very expensive, and it’s very difficult if for example we want to have it in Indonesia,” he said.

Because of his anxiety, Titan decided to pursue his research. He believes that solar panel technology can help equalize access to electricity in Indonesia. “That’s why we don’t need transmission from Java, but we can build it on the island, like a microgrid, and people can immediately enjoy the electricity there.” he said.

Never give up, Titan has made more than 1000 samples to find the latest solar system panels that are cheaper and environmentally friendly

Titan conducts research/credit: voaindonesia via: voaindonesia.com

Titan has conducted various researches since he took postgraduate studies at the MIT campus after completing his undergraduate education at the same campus. This research continued until he had taken his doctoral studies which was also at MIT. “Solar cells on the market, on average, about 80 percent of them are made of silicon. But silicon is one of the drawbacks, it’s quite expensive, because it’s like building the infrastructure, the processing is very expensive.” he continued.

Next he found a material called perovskite which is predicted to be cheaper and as efficient as silicon. However, it still needs to be improved because it is not stable. Perovskite itself is a mineral that has been found since the 19th century.

The type of perovskite developed specifically for solar panels has only been studied in the last decade. After making more than 1,000 samples, Titan has finally succeeded in creating a perovskite composition that is eight times more stable than before. But the research is not over yet, to reach the stage of mass production seems still far away.

This research is the beginning of important findings for Renewable Energy

solar panel photo by pixabay via pexels

Shijing Sun was Titan’s mentor for the last three years of the research. He expressed his confidence in the large-scale production of new solar panel technologies.

“The type of solar cell that Titan is researching is low cost, light and flexible, making it possible to be mounted on the roof of your car or portable electronic device. This solar cell shows a new direction in the effort to lower the price of renewable technology. This is an important finding that provides a glimmer of hope in the commercialization of this new technology, and could be of benefit to us,” he said.

Being a cool researcher, of course, many things have been passed. For aspiring researchers out there, Titan advises that small steps matter

Photo of Titan with his mentor/credit: voaindonesia via: voaindonesia.com

Shijing Sun, the mentor also expressed his admiration for Titan who has a high work ethic. “Without a doubt, Titan is a very talented researcher. He always finds solutions to difficult problems,” said Sun. He reveals that Titan has taught him a great passion for science and technology. He was also impressed by Titan’s very neat and hard-working style of work.

Now the research is not over. After earning his PhD from MIT last June, Titan plans to continue his research in Germany to continue to look for renewable energy solutions that are cheap and easily accessible to the public.

He also advised prospective researchers out there “It’s okay if for example today is not productive, or it’s okay if for example stuck for one week, two weeks or a month, as long as we always think about how to get out, or try to talk. to other people – even though I haven’t found the answer yet. That’s my opinion, we still have progress. So, don’t be discouraged if, for example, we are stuck in one thing for a long time. Small steps matter,” he said.

Titan’s proud research also inspires netizens. Many compliments are given in the comments column

Warganet comments/credit:voaindonesia via voaindonesia.com

Wow, this Noor Titan Putri Hartono really inspires. There are many netizens who certainly support and praise the Titan who inspired this.

“People know that artists who study in America are already cool, even though there are those who have worked like Titan trying to produce something for Indonesia… U rocks Titan” said the account @dvdevina in the instagram comments @voaindonesia. Akun @agungsaputrabm also expressed his praiseCool you madam ”

So, that was the inspirational story of Titan, a researcher from Cimahi who had noble aspirations to provide cheap and environmentally friendly electricity sources. I hope the research goes well!


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