Whiten Your Teeth To Strengthen Wifi Signal, This Is A Rarely Known Function Of Aluminum Foil

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For those of you who often visit the kitchen, are you familiar with silver colored paper which is widely used to wrap food? Yes, aluminum foil! This material in the form of a dense and thin sheet of aluminum metal is usually used to wrap food to keep it hot.

Some of the advantages of aluminum foil include being flexible, flexible, easy to shape according to the function of the packaging, airtight, water and fat, and does not affect taste and smell. Aluminum foil is also a good conductor of heat for electrical energy and heating. But the drawback is that it can be damaged due to the influence of acids, table salt and heavy metals.

Well, if you think that aluminum foil can only be used to wrap food, then you are wrong. There are many other surprising uses of aluminum foil that have been Hipwee Tips summarize the following.

1. As a base for ironing clothes that have screen printing, made from silk, wool, and other easily wrinkled materials so they don’t stick and stay neat

As a base for ironing via www.jumblejoy.com

2. You can reseal packaged food by clamping it with aluminum foil and flattening it using a hot iron. It’s not going to be sluggish!

Seal packaged food so it doesn’t stagnate via www.youtube.com

3. Pens wrapped in aluminum foil can be used as touch pen for connecting static electricity from radius to touch screen gadgets

made touch pen via www.cnet.com

4. When moving heavy furniture, use aluminum foil as a base so that the floor and furniture don’t scratch

Moving furniture is easier via www.qatarday.com

5. Running out of AA batteries, but only have AAA batteries? A lump of aluminum foil will be an emergency help if your battery runs out

replacement of worn out battery power via pinadvised.wordpress.com

6. Blunt scissors can be sharpened again by cutting aluminum foil many times

Sharpening blunt scissors via www.teachkidsart.net

7. With the help of aluminum foil, you can curl your hair using a hair straightener!

Curling hair via www.dailymotion.com

8. It is easier to filter used cooking oil to separate it from the crumbs. Just pour the remaining cooking oil into a bowl that has been lined with aluminum foil, let stand for a while then separate the top with the crumbs that have settled

Filtering used cooking oil with crumbs via vanessafridahome.wordpress.com

9. Use aluminum foil to remove scorch on cookware without chemicals

Clean the grill via thegrillinglife.com

10. Squeeze the aluminum foil into a ball to speed up the drying process of clothes in the machine as well as eliminate static effects

Speed ​​up the drying process of clothes via www.metofan.info

11. To protect your food from sticking to the frying pan, use a layer of aluminum foil as a base

So that the food doesn’t spill everywhere via tiphero.com

12. Mix a little baking soda with toothpaste. Next, take the aluminum foil and fold it into a ribbon and place it on the teeth. After that let stand for an hour. So that the effect of whiter teeth is visible, use it twice a week, yes!

Whiten teeth via www.youtube.com

Preventing banana spoilage via prabasyummyexperiments.blogspot.co.id

14. Wrap rusty metal utensils with aluminum foil, then soak in salt water. Leave it for a while before rinsing it off

Remove rust via www.thekitchn.com

15. Only by using used cans, pans or aluminum foil, you can strengthen the wifi signal

Strengthen wifi signal via www.symintec.com

16. So that the silver items in your house shine again, mix aluminum foil, baking soda, and water. The result is shiny like new!

Cleaning metal equipment via www.improvisedlife.com

17. In an emergency, make an emergency funnel from a piece of aluminum foil into a cone. Can be adjusted to a narrow size though you know!

Become an emergency funnel via guff.com

18. Aluminum foil can also be used as a craft object or coloring medium for children

Craft items via www.onecrazyhouse.com

19. Wrap aluminum foil on the stove holder so that the rest of the fire doesn’t stick to the cooking utensils and is easy to clean

For stove holder via food-hacks.wonderhowto.com

20. It’s really suitable for boarding children! Aluminum foil can also be used as a substitute for oil. You can fry eggs on an iron like this

Substitute for cooking oil via macgyverisms.wonderhowto.com

See?? So, which other benefits of aluminum foil do you deny? Can’t wait to stock up in boarding houses…

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