Wow! Newly Held His Hand, Nikita Mirzani Immediately…

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1NEWS – Celebrity Nikita Mirzani is finally able to experience chiropractic therapy, aka fake kretek, which was popularized by Bima Aryo.

Bima Aryo gave the beautiful woman his mainstay therapy when he met in the Chat Nyai program.

“I want to be kretek, which is simple,” said Nikita Mirzani, quoted from Langit Entertainment’s YouTube show on YouTube, Friday (1/10/2021).

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The muscular man immediately made fake kretek on the hands of Nikita Mirzani.

However, when just touched, Nikita Mirzani immediately sighed and felt pain.

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“Ah, it really hurts,” said the presenter who has Niki’s nickname.

Even so, he felt happy and even wanted to repeat the therapy that was going viral.

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“I really need it,” said Nikita Mirzani to Bima Aryo. (*/JPNN)

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