4 Facts about Nia Daniaty’s Child Accused of Fraud Worth Rp9.7 Billion

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Some time ago, the entertainment world in the country was again in a commotion with a legal case. After Coki Pardede’s narcotics problem slowly disappeared, it is now the turn of Nia Daniaty’s child, Olivia Nathania and also her daughter-in-law Rafly Noviyanto, who are involved in a legal case of alleged fraud. No half-hearted, the nominal money amounted to 9.7 billion rupiah.

The loss is the accumulation of hundreds of victims allegedly deceived by Olivia. Even though it has been reported, Nia Daniaty’s child continues to defend himself and makes a number of confessions that give new views to the community. Of course this makes many people interested in following the development of this case. Now for those of you who may still be confused and don’t understand the development of this case, Hipwee Showbiz has summarized some facts from this case.

1. Olivia denied the whistleblower’s accusation that she had committed fraud worth 9.7 billion rupiah

Olivia denies accusations/Credit: Vote

After receiving this fraud report, the police then conducted an in-depth investigation. From there, it was discovered that Olivia and her husband allegedly carried out the action by passing the client into a civil servant without taking a test. Olivia promises that her client will be appointed as a civil servant through merit.

Olivia herself denied the allegations of fraud and said she was shocked when she found out that someone had reported her to the police. Olivia admitted that she first learned about this from the media. Of course he denied all the accusations that the whistleblowers leveled against him. He even tried to gather strong dossiers and evidence to refute the serious fraud allegations concerning his name.

2. Olivia said that she opened a tutoring class to help people study before the CPNS test. Olivia sets a price of IDR 25 million per person to join the program

Olivia and Nia Daniaty/Credit: Instagram @niadaniaty

As her first proof, Olivia said that she never promised the victims to pass the CPNS test through the achievement path. According to his confession, he only organizes CPNS tutoring to help people before facing the test so that they have a greater chance of passing. He teaches his clients how to fill out the CPNS test.

In the course, Olivia claimed that the victims were taught by professional teachers. Even so, Olivia openly said that the tutoring did have a fairly expensive price. He received Rp25 million from the CPNS test organizer and there were 50 people who then took part in the study program before the test. Olivia also claimed that the Rp25 million did not go into her personal pocket. The money is allocated to pay teachers, rent a place and other technical needs.

3. Feeling aggrieved materially and immaterially, Olivia plans to strike back at the whistleblowers

Olivia Daniaty ready to strike back/Credit: Seconds

Feeling that she was innocent, Olivia then attacked the complainant back. According to him, the main reporter, Agustina, is a former teacher, not a victim. Olivia even attacked that it was Agustina who recruited the victims and made money from there. This fact is certainly contrary to what Agustina called. Previously, the former teacher said that he did not receive any money.

Regardless, Olivia said that she would strike back at the whistleblower and continue the lawsuit. The reason Olivia dared to attack was because she had strong evidence to refute the reports of the victims plus Olivia felt aggrieved because in this case the names of her mother, husband and family were damaged and carried away.

4. Olivia denied her husband was involved in cases related to fraud and the civil servant tutoring business

In another confession, Olivia confirmed that her husband was not involved in this case. According to him, Rafly did not know anything about this case. This must be firmly denied because previously there were allegations that Rafly acted as a recipient of money that had been sent by the victims in order to pass the CPNS test.

Olivia argued that she did hold her husband’s ATM before they got married. Olivia argues that it is natural for couples who want to get married to know private things such as ATMs and others for financial matters. However, this contradicts the fact that Olivia once gave her husband’s account to Agustin.

Until now, the police are still investigating various facts related to this fraud case. I hope you find the light soon.


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