5 Types of Boys When Welcoming School Face-to-face. Parents and Teachers, Prepare Yourselves!

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After going to school for a long time from home, the government through the Ministry of Education and Culture is preparing to return the teaching and learning process to schools. In some big cities such as Jakarta and Bandung, elementary to high school children are seen starting to go to school even if only once a week. The return of teaching and learning to schools is related to the success of the vaccination program for teaching staff and school children.

If the trial phase has been completed and shows positive results, it is only a matter of time before the children will return to school. Of course these children will show their respective traits in welcoming face-to-face schools. There are children who are happy and maybe there are children who feel lazy because they are used to online school. If you look at it, there are several types of children who welcome face-to-face schools. Anything? Let’s just check below~

1. Children who are happy because they feel free from the responsibility of helping their parents to do household chores

Elementary school children illustration / Credit: Takaitu

The announcement of the return of face-to-face schools certainly makes some children happy. Not because they are going to school diligently and enthusiastically, these children are happy because they can avoid the responsibility of helping their parents at home. This is certainly natural considering that during online schooling, children are often asked by their parents to help out.

Even so, this does not mean that children are not willing to help their parents. It’s just that they are happy because they can at least be ‘free’ for a while. If face-to-face schooling is reinstated, the thoughts in their heads include “Yes, finally, you don’t have to sweep and mop anymore”, “See you at Mama’s subscription shop”, to “Finally I’m free!!”.

2. Because online schools are all digital, there are children who start to forget the schedule of subjects, how to write properly and correctly, forget the date, month, year and forget how to read. A real challenge for teachers and parents!

Illustration of class atmosphere / Credit: How to teach me

For middle school to high school students, online schooling is certainly not a strange thing anymore. Because they have mastered fundamental things such as reading and writing before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. This is very different from elementary school children who have only been to school for a while and have to take online classes because of the pandemic. They might forget how to read and even write because now everything is digital!

In addition, they usually forget the subject, forget where the class is, and forget to bring their equipment on the first day of school. Of course this type of child will really challenge the patience of the teachers and their own parents. However, because they are still children, as parents and teachers, we should remind them how to study properly and correctly if the child looks left behind because he forgot. Isn’t it true?

3. Children who like to ask for money with a thousand reasons. There are reasons for making photocopies, doing group assignments, and even internet packages. In fact, they just want more money for snacks~

Illustration of snacks / Credit: Infobanking

Children and snacks are like an inseparable unit. One of the things that makes the children happy is because school is face-to-face because they can eat snacks during recess or after school. They usually have snacks with their friends and haha-hihi while snacking. That’s how it should be for kids~

For the sake of more snacks, these children usually ask their parents for more money under various pretexts. There are those who ask for assignments, for photocopies of subject matter, until the reason for buying internet packages to do assignments from the teacher. That reason will certainly make parents melt and believe. Behind it, these children are laughing while eating pentol and drinking iced tea. Hadeeh!

4. The type of children who want to go home in the afternoon to play with their friends but use the excuse of doing homework in groups. Hadeuh~

Boy hanging out here/Credit: Merdeka

Almost every parent always tells their children to come home on time when they finish school. Parents think that these children should go home early so they can help out or do schoolwork to be calmer the next day. However, it’s not a kid if you don’t have a thousand ideas to avoid going home early after school.

These children usually use the excuse of doing homework or doing homework at a friend’s house. Usually these excuses are used to cover up their desire to play. If it’s true that they do their work, the boys only do their work for 10-15 minutes and the rest are just playing and laughing. His name too leaky~

5. Finally, there is a positive boy who is eager to learn and is ambitious in school so he can rank in class promotion

Ambitious type / Credit: Lombokita

Lastly there is the positive type of boy. This phenomenon usually often occurs among middle school to high school children. They are very enthusiastic about learning even before the face-to-face school takes place. School matters are really ambitious, come on time, do homework well, know when to study and when to play. Anyway, the kid is really fun for parents and teachers.

All these positive things done by these boys are not without reason. They want to make their parents happy and make their teachers proud by getting a ranking at the end of the semester or when they are promoted. So, shouldn’t all kids be like this?

Those are the types of kids who are preparing to welcome face-to-face school. What do you think? Are teachers and parents ready to face the nature of these children? ️

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