6 Facts about Jonathan Frizzy Converts, Revealed by Mother-in-law

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Jonathan Frizzy convert

In the midst of the increasingly heated news of the divorce of Jonathan Frizzy and Dhena Devanka, issues related to changing religions are also widely blowing. Dhena was said to be following her husband’s religion, but there is also news that says otherwise. Until finally, there was a confession from the Dhena family who stated that Jonathan Frizzy had converted to Islam since 2012.

Is it true that the actor who is familiarly called Ijonk has embraced Islam for a long time? What is the response of the father of three children to the rumors circulating?

6 Facts about Jonathan Frizzy Converting to Islam for 9 Years

1. Mother-in-law’s Confession

Dhena Devanka’s Instagram

Actor Jonathan Frizzy is in the public spotlight. Starting from the turmoil in his household, it was rumored that he had a special closeness with Ririn Dwi Ariyanti, to matters of faith.

The riddle about Jonathan Frizzy’s beliefs has finally begun to be revealed. This was revealed by her mother-in-law, Neni, when she was met at Dhena Devanka’s divorce trial at the South Jakarta Religious Court recently.

The father-in-law revealed that Jonathan Frizzy had officially converted to his faith since May 4, 2012 ago. In the same year, Ijonk also officially married Dhena Devanka.

2. Jonathan Frizzy Mualaf, Supervised by the Head of South Jakarta KUA

Jonathan Frizzy convert

Dhena Devanka’s Instagram

According to Neni, the process of converting Jonathan Frizzy’s belief at that time was directly guided by the Head of the South Jakarta KUA.

“(Jonathan Frizzy) Mualaf, Head of South Jakarta KUA (who guides him to convert),” said Neni, quoted from Hot Seconds.

“May 4, 2012 (Jonathan Frizzy converted to Islam),” he continued.

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3. Jonathan Frizzy Married Dhena Devanka Islamically

Jonathan Frizzy convert

Dhena Devanka’s Instagram

It is also known that the actor who was born on April 13, 1982, married Dhena Devanka in Islam after he converted to Islam. In fact, previously many thought the two were married of different faiths.

When Dhena filed for divorce with the religious court some time ago, netizens began to question Ijonk’s beliefs. Because, according to applicable regulations, divorce cases from Islamic and non-Islamic marriages are handled by different courts.

4. Always Celebrate Eid Together

Jonathan Frizzy convert

Dhena Devanka’s Instagram

Jonathan Frizzy and Dhena Devanka have never really talked about their beliefs in public.

Even so, both Ijonk and Dhena were seen celebrating Eid together several times. The two couples appeared compact wearing Eid clothes with their three children.

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5. Jonathan Frizzy’s response is alluded to about his beliefs

6 Facts about Jonathan Frizzy Called a Convert to Islam, Revealed by His Mother-in-law

Dhena Devanka’s Instagram

When asked about belief, Jonathan Frizzy was reluctant to comment much. He also emphasized that he and Dhena never intended to play with religion.

“Nobody is playing with religion here,” said Jonathan Frizzy, citing the page Star Tabloid.

Regarding the Islamic wedding ceremony, Jonathan Frizzy also felt there was no need to give a response.

“I don’t need to answer that, yes, it’s my household business,” he concluded.

6. Marriage with Dhena is not approved by Jonathan Frizzy’s extended family

6 Facts about Jonathan Frizzy Called a Convert to Islam, Revealed by His Mother-in-law

Dhena Devanka’s Instagram

From the start, the couple’s marriage was apparently not approved by Jonathan Frizzy’s extended family. This was revealed by Benny Simanjuntak the uncle. Benny even said that he was not invited when Ijonk and Dhena’s wedding was held nine years ago.

“I never agreed with Dhena and Ijonk’s relationship, because Ijonk’s changes drastically to me and my family, after knowing Dhena,” said Benny Simanjuntak in one of his uploads on Instagram.

But gradually, the Ijonk family began to melt. Their relationship was then approved by the Ijonk family.

“Finally the family agreed, except for me and my mother, my mother died before they got married,” said Benny.


Those are some facts related to Jonathan Frizzy, who is said to have converted to Islam nine years ago. Apart from that, hopefully his household turmoil with Dhena Devanka ends in the best way, yes.

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