7 Romantic Poems to Make Marriage Relationships More Intimate

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Romantic poetry

When was the last time you expressed your love for your partner? Say ‘I love you’, or express in the form of romantic poetry?

Maybe you are not the romantic type, feel free to express feelings. But did you know that this needs to be done because it can increase intimacy with a partner?

This is what Anna Surti Ariani, S.Psi., M.Si has always emphasized on marriage psychologists. He revealed that communicating what he felt to his partner, including saying affection, should not be forgotten.

According to him, psychological closeness can be achieved if family members often openly communicate their feelings to each other in a positive way.

“Actually, this benefits overall better health, can make you more satisfied in life, and feel happier,” said the psychologist who is often called Nina Teguh.

This is inseparable because love is a primary need. When you feel loved and loved someone has a big effect. Nina Teguh explained that communicating love does not always have to be through words because the language of love can be expressed in various ways.

One way is to give him a series of romantic poems on the day of the wedding.

Indeed, this romantic poem will feel even more special if you can write it yourself. However, there is nothing wrong with quoting romantic poetry by writers. Isn’t the most important thing that the poem can represent your heart?

In this article, theAsianparent will summarize romantic poetry from Indonesian poets that you can gift to your partner.

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Romantic Poems for Couples by Indonesian Poets

1. I want by Sapardi Djoko Damono, Romantic Poems for Wedding Gifts

Romantic poetry

I want to love you with simple

with words that can’t be spoken wood

to the fire that turns it to ashes.

I want to love you with simple

with a signal that the clouds couldn’t convey

to the rain that makes it nothing

2. Love Letter by WS Rendra

You are a mermaid

lying down

blink her beautiful eyes

in my net.

Oh, Mermaid

I caught you

I proposed to you

I wrote this letter

when it’s drizzling

because of the sky, spoiled and sweet girl

crying for toys.

Two naughty boys joking in the gutter

and the sky was jealous of him.

Oh, Dik Narti

I want to use

be the mother of my children.

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3. Little poems about love by Sapardi Djoko Damono

These 7 Romantic Poems Can Make Marriage Relationships More Intimate

Love the wind

must be sluggish

love water

must be ricik

love mountains

must be steep

love fire

must be lick

love the horizon

have to cut the distance

love you

must become me

4. Only by Sapardi Djoko Damono

Only the sound of birds you hear

and you never saw the bird

but know the bird is there

You only feel the swish of the wind

and you never see the wind

but believe the wind is around you

Only my prayers are shaking tonight

and you never see who i am

but sure I’m in you.

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These 7 Romantic Poems Can Make Marriage Relationships More Intimate

5. Philosophy of Coffee (A collection of stories and prose) by Dewi Lestari

Hold my hand,

but don’t be too tight

because I want to be together

and not being led

6. Romantic Wedding Poems: My Lover by Joko Pinurbo

Love is like a cold blooded poet

The one who is good at incising wounds.

Miss you like a simple rhyme

The one that doesn’t die.

7. Kakawin Kawin, Marriage Poem by W. S Rendra

I’m coming. I came to you.

And the rain cleans the streets

I knock on your door

and grace laden in my hands.

You’re shaking waiting for me

in a green wedding dress

and your bun is full of flowers

The sparkling gems on your body

like your beating heart


waiting for my arrival.


Here are some examples of romantic wedding poems by Indonesian poets that can be given to couples.

However, if you have a poetry reference that suits your partner better, don’t hesitate to use it. Not only that, if you want to write and deliver your own poetry, it will leave an even more romantic impression for your partner.

Insert the poem in the gift you will give. Or, you can also perform a musical poetry of some of these works. This can help you and your partner bond closer.

So, are you going to try to give a romantic poem as an expression of affection to your beloved partner?

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