9 Photographs of the Food Storage Room at the Artist’s Home That Stole Attention. Private Minimarket Tub!

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Having a house as desired is everyone’s hope. To make it happen, it is not uncommon for someone to try harder so that the dream can be achieved. The house not only serves as a place to live, but also provides comfort to make the occupants feel at home.

Speaking of houses, the following artists have: house dream with complete facilities. One of them, there is even a special place to store supplies of food or household goods. All snacks and basic necessities are neatly arranged there so that they managed to steal the attention of many people because it looks like a mini market. Well, if you’re curious about what it looks like, here’s a portrait of the food storage room at the artist’s house that they shared on social media.

1. The celebrity couple Sissy Priscillia and Rifat Sungkar have a spacious and beautiful house. In fact, they also have pantry neatly filled with food

Pantri Sissy Priscillia and Rifat Sungkar | Credit: GTV

Rifat Sungkar and Sissy Priscillia prepared a special room to make it easier to store food ingredients. That way, shopping activities can be minimized. They also immediately know what basic needs have been used up at home.

2. Having enough members makes the Gen Halilintar family conjure up their home as comfortable as possible. Minimarket is also owned as a complementary facility

Pantri at Gen Halilintar’s house | Credit: YouTube Gen Halilintar

Known as a YouTuber who has a large number of family members. Naturally, if the Gen Halilintar family created a spacious and comfortable house. Interestingly, their house is also equipped with a pantry and a mini bar, lo.

3. Items of basic needs are neatly stored in a large display case. This is what Ruben Onsu’s private ‘minimarket’ looks like

Minimarket at Ruben Onsu’s house | Credit: YouTube TRANS Media

Ruben Onsu’s family is known to have a luxurious home thanks to his business in the entertainment industry. In addition to having storage for basic necessities like a mini market, Sarwendah’s husband also gives trust to employees to organize things inside.

4. Unlike other artists, Nagita Slavina prepares a special place to put food in the room to make it easier to pick it up

Storage in Nagita Slavina’s room | Credit: YouTube Baim Wong

Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad prepare special food places that are easily accessible at home. In addition to putting your favorite food, this place is also used to put product needs endorse.

5. Located at the bottom of the stairs to the second floor, the artist Fitrop has a neatly organized storage room. Even each type is distinguished by each box

Pantri at Fitrop’s house | Credit: Instagram @fitrop

Through her official Instagram, Fitri Tropica uploaded a room under the stairs that was conjured up to put all kinds of essential needs. The pantry is like a minimarket, it looks complete, from food ingredients, medicines to… skincare.

6. Nindy Ayunda showed her special place to Ussy and Andika. There are snacks to small trolleys for the child to take food

Nindy Ayunda’s special room | Credit: YouTube Ussy Andhika

Singer Nindy Ayunda also has a private pantry at her house. Nindy even equipped the room with a small cash register, tools scan the price of toys and cute trolleys so the little ones feel happy.

7. Known as food bloggers, Tasyi also often shares her tips on how to organize the food storage space so that it is neat

Tasyi’s name is getting more and more famous after uploading a video review about food on her YouTube channel. Having a hobby of cooking makes this Tasya Farasya twin try to make the kitchen as comfortable as possible. He even has a large refrigerator that is fully stocked with a variety of foods like in a convenience store. Not only that, every food ingredient before being placed is always arranged according to the function and brand of the product, lo.

8. After being said to have an empty refrigerator, Kim Kardarshian immediately showed him his spacious and complete pantry

Kim Kardarshian’s Pantry | Credits: Twitter

Kanye West’s ex-wife once showed the kitchen and refrigerator at home in the episode “How the Other Half Lives” which was shared on Instagram. There Kim showed a refrigerator with three super large shelves full of groceries.

It also has walk-in chiller which is usually used for restaurants. In the kitchen area, the ingredients for consumption are even divided into two, for children which contain milk and adults who are more diverse.

Well, that’s a portrait of a super complete celebrity-style pantry. They certainly prepare it to create a sense of comfort at home. What do you think, is it like a real minimarket?


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