After Cycling, suddenly half body paralyzed, often dreams of being visited by long-haired creatures | 1NEWS

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Paralyzed Invisibility Due to being Followed by Three Jinns

“I don’t remember clearly how the ustaz treated me, but I still remember the conversation between the father and the ustaz.

“Ustaz said there was someone closest to us who felt jealous of our family. That person wanted to send witchcraft to my father but instead got hit by me because he was ‘happy’ with me.

Paralyzed magically because it was followed by three jinn.© mStar

“Ustadz said again, there were three jinn standing on top of me. Because of that I was paralyzed because I could not accommodate the weight of the three creatures,” he said.

With Allah’s permission through the cleric, Hayani gradually recovered. Not only occult treatment, Hayani also underwent cupping and massage treatments to fix the spine.

Until now Hayani’s right hand is still not strong. When used to lift heavy objects, his hands will tremble.

“Before this I liked to paint, but since my hands are not strong enough to hold a pencil to draw, I forget that interest. One favor of Allah has been taken, but I am happy with it,” he concluded.

Source: mStar

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