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The following are the results of the sixth week of the BRI Liga 1 2021-2022 match which brings together Borneo FC vs. Persita Tangerang.

The BRI Liga 1 2021-2022 continued match between Borneo FC vs Persita Tangerang will take place at the Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong, Saturday (02/10/21).

Since the whistle sounded, Borneo FC has taken the initiative to attack by immediately appearing pressing. Until the first 15 minutes of the first half, Pesut Etam dominated the game by controlling ball possession.

However, the disciplined defense of the Cisadane Warriors made it difficult for Borneo FC to fire a shot on goal. As a result, despite controlling the game, Borneo FC’s attacks always ran aground on the Persita Tangerang defense line.

On the other hand, Persita Tangerang, who relied on counter-attacks, played effectively and was able to threaten Angga Saputro’s goal. Even in the early 20 minutes, Aldi Al Achya and Irsyad Maulana almost listed their names on the scoreboard if both of their kicks outside the box did not miss.

Disaster for Persita Tangerang then came in the 30th minute, through a set piece situation on the left side of the Cisadane Warrior defense, Wildansyah was able to break the deadlock after his header penetrated Dhika Bayangkara’s net. Goal 1-0 Borneo FC lead.

Only 10 minutes after Wildansyah’s goal, Persita Tangerang was hit again when Irsyad Maulana was considered diving in the Borneo FC penalty box. Referee Iwan Sukoco took a bold decision by rewarding a second yellow card and sending off Irsyard Maulana.

Irsyard Maulana’s red card drama made the two teams almost get into a fistfight, considering that in replays it was clear that Javlon Gusenynov had violated Irsyad Mualana, but the field referee seemed to have acted differently.

Until the whistle to signal the end of the first half sounded, no additional goals were created. Borneo FC still leads 1-0 over Persita Tangerang.

In the second half, appearing with 10 players did not make the Cisadane Warriors discouraged. Widodo Cahyono Putro’s troops immediately had the ambition to equalize by playing aggressively.

The excitement of attacking, Persita Tangerang even conceded one more goal in the 50th minute after Francisco Torres, who was separated from the guard, released a measured kick that penetrated Dhika Bayangkara’s net. Goal 2-0 Borneo FC lead.

Being left behind by two goals made Persita increasingly aggressive in increasing attacks. The effort of the Cisadane Warrior finally resulted in a goal in the 76th minute via Nur Hardianto’s horizontal kick. The score changed to 2-1.

Persita, who continued to intensify attacks, was surprisingly able to equalize the score to 2-2 after Rifky Dwi Septiawan’s free kick tore Angga Saputro’s net. Rifky Dwi Septiawan’s curved ball in the 89th minute was able to make the score as strong as 2-2. The score lasted until the final whistle sounded.

Borneo FC vs Persita Tangerang Lineup

Borneo FC (4-5-1): Angga Saputro; Javlon Gusenynov, Muhammad Rifad Marasabessy, Safrudin Tahar, Wildansyah; Jonathan Bustos, Nuriddin Davronov, Paulo Sitanggang, Terens Puhiri, Wawan Febrianto; Francisco Torres.

Persita Tangerang (4-3-3): Dhika Bayangkara; Agung Prasetyo, Edo Febriansyah, Muhammad Toga, Syaeful Anwar; Ade Jantra, Sin Yeong Bae, Taufiq; Nur Hardianto, Aldi Al Achya, Irsyad Maulana.

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