China’s Strict Note on Crypto, Proof of Bitcoin’s Immunity?

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1NEWS – China is the country that is considered the most stringent in regulating crypto digital assets.

Various policies were launched. Most recently, last Friday. China reports that crypto transactions are entirely illegal.

This news has depressed a number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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According to Coinvestasi, China’s sensitive attitude towards crypto is actually nothing new.

Given, the country has been consistent in spreading rumors and bans against crypto since 2013 until now.

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However, every time it launches its tough stance, its impact on cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, doesn’t last long.

Because in the end Bitcoin is back on the rise.

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In addition, although China is not friendly to crypto, this country uses blockchain technology in various industrial sectors, and is now increasingly aggressively releasing their central bank digital currency, namely the digital yuan.

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