Have you ever heard of the name of Cikolelet Tourism Village? Close to you from Jakarta!

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1NEWS, Tourist spots don’t always have to be beaches, mountains and comfortable inns. Traveling must also have added value, with knowledge that is now easier to obtain.

Of course it’s complete if you walk around while studying, right?

If you like a spot like this, there is one not far from Jakarta. Its name is Cikolelet Tourism Village. This village is located in Cinangka District, Serang Regency, Banten, which has a variety of tourist attractions and creative economic centers that you can enjoy.

Various creative economy products are produced from this village, which later become the source of livelihood for its citizens. They have Etawa goat’s milk products, mushroom cultivation and processing, melinjo chips, roofing crafts from thatched leaves, processed waste, catfish jerky and waste, coconut oil refining, and quail cultivation. This tourist village is also known as the Coffee Village (Creative Economy Village).

If you go there, you can see and learn directly about the making of this variety of creative economy products, and of course you can buy them at a cheaper price, because they are directly from the hands of the craftsmen.

Because of this row of advantages of creative economy centers, Cikolelet Tourism Village is included in the top 50 best tourist villages in the 2021 Indonesian Tourism Village Award (ADWI) event.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy / Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, during a visit to the Cikolelet Tourism Village, on Saturday (2/10/2021), hoped that this tourist village would continue to develop and become a channel to open up business opportunities and employment for the community.

Well, if you can get it, you can also enjoy the beauty of this village. The beauty of the scenery, of course, belongs to this beautiful village. You can enjoy the view of Curug Lawang which is so beautiful because it is located in the middle of a shady forest.

There is also an instaphoto spot that offers views of the expanse of rice fields, lakes, and the beauty of the mountains. The tourist village of Cikolelet also has a camping area and trails mountain bike for adrenaline lovers. Hohoho, complete isn’t it?

It’s finished? Not yet, mate!

Cikolelet Village also inherited noble cultural values, namely by maintaining cultural values ​​such as the Ngurah Danau tradition. That is a tradition of cleaning the lake which is held once a year, where the whole community pours into the lake which is starting to dry up and takes fish. There are also Mamaca/speaking traditions, how come rampah, yalil dance, to calung performances.

If you can’t stand it, you can play with the community.

When to Cikolelet? How close is it from Jakarta![]


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