Inflation in Bali 0.10 percent, this is BI’s record

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beritabali/ist/Inflation in Bali is 0.10 percent, this is BI’s record.

The province of Bali recorded inflation in September of 0.10% (mtm), relatively stable compared to the previous month which also recorded inflation of 0.10% (mtm).
Spatially, inflation occurred in Denpasar City at 0.19% (mtm), while Singaraja City experienced a deflation of -0.45% (mtm). The increase in price pressure occurred in the core inflation group, while the administered prices and volatile food groups recorded a decline.

On an annual basis, Bali experienced inflation of 1.40% (yoy), higher than the previous month’s 1.19% (yoy) but lower than the national inflation of 1.60% (yoy).

The core inflation category of goods recorded inflation of 0.35% (mtm), mainly due to the increase in the price of canang sari. The increase in the price of canang sari is in line with the increasing frequency of religious ceremonies throughout September 2021 which is believed to be a good month for the Balinese people.

“Several prices for other basic necessities (such as pipes and collared shirts) have also recorded an increase in prices,” explained the Head of Bank Indonesia’s Bali Province Representative, Trisno Nugroho in Denpasar, Friday (1/10/2021).

On an annual basis, core inflation in September 2021 was recorded at 0.78% (yoy), an increase compared to the previous month which experienced inflation of 0.65% (yoy), especially an increase in canang sari commodities.

The administered price group recorded deflation of 0.10% (mtm). The decline in prices mainly occurred in air transportation prices in line with the lack of flight activity to Bali during the PPKM period in September 2021.

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