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Toddler's house found with grandmother's body. [Sumber Gambar]

Have you ever watched an Indian film called Pihu? Tells the story of a toddler who lives with the body of his dead mother. He didn’t know that his mother was dead. Pihu’s film is based on a true story that happened in India. Apparently, a similar incident also occurred in Indonesia.

A 3-year-old toddler in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, lived with his grandmother’s body for about 4 days. Until finally the neighbors became suspicious and the authorities came on Thursday (30/9/2021). How did this incident begin and the fate of the child now? Check out the full review below.

Neighbors suspect that there is no morning activity at grandma’s house

A grandmother, call him OJT, who is around 64-68 years old usually does morning activities. He lives on Jalan Gambir Anom 2, Pegangsaan Dua, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Neighbors usually also see OJT often ordering food via motorcycle taxi on line. However, for about 4 days, neighbors did not see any such routine activity. Even the grandmother’s trash can looks empty.

Toddler’s house found with grandmother’s body. [Sumber Gambar]

Tika, the neighbor who first became suspicious of OJT’s absence, smelled a foul smell coming from her grandmother’s house. He also reported this to the local RW and asked the security officers to check the situation inside OJT’s house.

The authorities had to break down the door of the house

Tika said that she last saw OJT on Sunday (26/9/2021). He also heard the cries of a toddler who is indeed OJT’s grandson on Wednesday (29/9/2021). Apparently, before Tika reported it, there were also officers at OJT’s house to provide pension money. However, there was no response at all from inside the house.

The house of the grandmother who died for days. [Sumber Gambar]
The house of the grandmother who died for days. [Sumber Gambar]

The authorities also came on Thursday (30/9/2021) and broke down OJT’s door because previously there was no response. They find J, OJT’s grandson, in a state of disrepair. OJT was thought to have been dead for 4 days before he was finally found. J was taken to the nearest puskesmas for treatment and checked for any health problems. The reason is, J stayed with the corpse for 4 days.

Grandma lives alone with grandchildren

OJT was previously known to live in three in his house. He lives with his daughter and grandson. The daughter, who is none other than J’s mother, died last August. Meanwhile, J’s father is a foreigner who reportedly lives in the Netherlands. After J’s mother died, this toddler boy lived alone with his grandmother.

3-year-old toddler found with grandmother's body. [Sumber Gambar]
3-year-old toddler found with grandmother’s body. [Sumber Gambar]

Finally J was picked up by his family and taken to their hometown. After being washed at the RSCM, OJT’s body was also brought by his family to be buried in his hometown.

It’s dangerous if the child is alone with the corpse

The corpse will undergo a process of decomposition assisted by bacteria. These bacteria can spread outside and infect people who inhale them. This is one of the dangers when the child is alone with the corpse. The reason is, they may not understand that the person has died so they continue to approach him.

The family picks up the toddler who was found with the grandmother's body. [Sumber Gambar]
The family picks up the toddler who was found with the grandmother’s body. [Sumber Gambar]

In addition to contracting the corpse decay bacteria, other dangers lurk. Children, especially toddlers who are not yet independent, may not be able to take care of themselves. Do not understand that they must meet the intake of food and drink on a regular basis. The result is dehydration and hunger.

Not only physical problems, children’s psychology can be affected. Children can be traumatized by the loss of a family member. They also witnessed the bodies of their families. It takes the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist to restore a child’s trauma. This is because they cannot express their emotions properly.

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Children everywhere need parental or adult supervision, even in their own homes. Hopefully what happened to J doesn’t happen to other children.

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