Judge’s Exception Rejected, Rezky Aditya Is More Cornered About Wenny Ariani’s Child’s Origins

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Wenny Ariani (Seno/tabloidbintang.com)

1NEWS – The panel of judges rejected the exception or defense Rezky Aditya related to the case of the origin of children reported by Wenny Ariani at the Tangerang District Court. In this case, Rezky Aditya could not dodge his relationship with Wenny until he gave birth to a child.

Ferry Aswan, Wenny Ariani’s attorney, said that his party was starting to find a bright spot because the hope for proof in the form of a DNA test could be done soon. It means, Rezky Aditya must follow the legal process requested by the Panel of Judges.

“Earlier we heard the interlocutory verdict, thank God earlier the exception from the defendant was rejected. Let’s move on to proof. So this is the beginning for us to do a DNA test, yes, we find a bright spot,” said Ferry Aswan in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, recently.

Wenny Ariani (Seno/1NEWS)

For the agenda of the next trial, Ferry Aswan will reveal some evidence that will make Rezky Aditya’s party not move anymore. The reason is, Wenny’s party will present a figure who witnessed his love affair with Rezky.

“We will also have letter evidence, photos, evidence of witnesses who know, including expert witnesses, we will present later,” said Ferry Aswan.

“As for the witness, what I know is that I saw and heard. So people really have seen how close I am to Rezky. People who witnessed, even talked to Rezky. like that. I know more or less,” explained Wenny Ariani.

Previously, Wenny Ariani had reported Citra Kirana’s husband, Rezky Aditya to the South Jakarta Metro Police on August 18, 2021. He reported Rezky Aditya on suspicion of child neglect based on Article 76B, 77 of Law No.35 of 2014.

In addition, Wenny Ariani first sued Rezky Aditya civilly at the Tangerang District Court. In his lawsuit, Wenny demanded that Rezky Aditya recognize the child he gave birth to 8 years ago as his flesh and blood.



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