Lamp Repair Entrepreneurs in the Country, Start from Imagination

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Beritabali/ist/Lamp Repair Entrepreneurs in the Country, Start with Imagination.

A lamp repair or repair entrepreneur named Emil Charis (39) who comes from Banjar Munduk, Pengambengan Village, Negara District, started his business from an imagination.
From starting to try to repair lamps, electronic goods, finally it has now become a profession that he is still pursuing to this day. In addition, this unique animal lover and hobby of farming is also included in the Indonesian Lamp Doctors Association (IDLI) since 6 years ago. Even now, orders for lamp repairs are reaching the area around Denpasar.

Emil Charis said that the effective promotion he did was only by repairing his own and neighbors’ lamps, so orders began to come to the house more often.

“For working on all types of lights, even repairing washing machines, air conditioners and even TVs. This is also done with friends who are reliable technicians. With this business, a month’s income is only enough to support a family, even though the name is a necessity, of course there are many shortcomings,” he said.

Emil Charis explained that the orders that were in fact the most were orders for lighting lamps for fishermen, both processing (net boats) and Viber canoes. He said the work on essential lamps with a maximum repair price of Rp. 65,000 could be completed in 10 to 15 minutes.

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