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Let’s take a peek at the design and its deep meaning~

Dreams – Producer modest fashion homeland, WE, never stop producing works. This time, they launched the Monogram Scarf collection for our fans, Kamipeople.

“This collection is a manifestation of OUR love for every customer, especially the WE community who has supported and accompanied us for 12 years,” explained Istafiana Candarini, CEO of KAMI, at a virtual conference, Friday, October 1, 2021.

This monogram collection presents 12 different color variants. These colors signify the hallmark of OUR DNA, namely earth tones.

We© OUR Doc

“The presence of the WE Monogram Scarf is indeed a request from customers. From before the pandemic they asked for a Monogram collection, we finally realized it,” added Istafiana.

The special thing about this Monogram collection is the motif design that is simple, simple, but has a deep meaning.

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Motif Design Elements

The motif designs in this collection are inspired by 12 years of travel brand WE.

“There are three elements contained in the motif design of our collection. This monogram Scarf is the symbol for the letter ‘k dot’, floral elements, and lines,” explained Nadya Karina, Creative Director of KAMI.


Each of these elements has a message that we want to show Kamipeople, namely modest, contemporary, and heartfelt.

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Design Meaning

There are various elements that are present in this Monogram collection, namely dots, flowers, and lines.

WE© Ferdike Yunuri Nadya/ Dream

“The ‘k dots’ motif contained in this collection contains the identity meaning of brand WE, K is for US. and the philosophy of starting from a point, which reminds us that every stroke of the work that is made starts from a point,” added Nadya.

Meanwhile, the flower element is meaningful as a reminder of the roots that make WE continue to grow better day by day.

Then motive lines or line strokes that are also contained in US. The Monogram Scarf symbolizes a line that connects the Founder, Kami Team and #Kamipeople throughout Indonesia.

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Scarf Material

Material scarf The one used for the Monogram Scarf is the Airy Voal type, which is a type of material that is formulated to produce a lighter, softer, and more manageable material.

We© OUR Doc

“Airy voal is a material developed by US and is the next innovation from voal material scarf that ever existed, namely Delicate Voal,” added Nadya.

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Tomorrow Release

This special WE Monogram Scarf is scheduled to be officially released by on Saturday, October 2, 2021.


“Of course it can be found in all of OUR boutique branches and all sales platforms, both offline nor on line and there will be special promos,” explained Afina Candarini, OUR Finance Director.

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