Often Shows Intimacy, Gunawan and Rara LIDA Open Dating Opportunities

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Gunawan LIDA (Seno/tabloidbintang.com)

1NEWS – Drop-out singer Dangdut League, Tiara Ramadhani or Rara LIDA said to have a special relationship with Gunawan LIDA. Even many netizens believe that they are dating because of their chemistry when appearing on stage and often uploading affection on their respective social media accounts, making the two reportedly dating.

Rara LIDA is the second winner Indonesian Dangdut League in 2018, while Gunawan Muharjan is also the second winner of LIDA 2020. The two began to be united when Gunawan fought in the final round.

When confirmed about the closeness that has existed since a year ago, Gunawan and Rara LIDA looked awkward. Gunawan admits that his relationship with Rara has only been professional as a co-worker.

Gunawan LIDA (Markuat/1NEWS)

“Now we are more support each other’s careers because we still have families,” said Gunawan LIDA, told reporters at a virtual press conference recently.

Rara LIDA revealed, since they were paired on stage, they got to know each other’s characters. From there, finally there is a closeness and can read the advantages and disadvantages of each.

“If it’s Rara, what do you do?taste always express through speech or body gestures. If Gunawan is very different, wants to be angry, annoyed, just plate. Sometimes overcome by cuteness, geregatan, why are people like this. That’s what makes Rara curious, secretly washed away,” said Rara LIDA.

Nevertheless, Rara LIDA did not close his heart to Gunawan. According to him, he does not rule out the possibility that he will be matched with Gunawan because of all the secrets of God. “Just go NS. If a mate will definitelyunite why,” said Rara LIDA.

“Gunawan is a quiet person, he seems to have a world of his own. I know maybe his personality is like that. I live as a friend just support,” concluded Rara LIDA.



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