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Beritabali/ist/Bansos Never Disbursed, Residents Demo at the BRI Office.

Hundreds of residents, mostly women from the Danger and North Masbagik villages, Masbagik sub-district, East Lombok, came to the BRI Selong Branch office at around 09.00 WITA, Thursday (30/9).
They protested that the social assistance (Bansos) for the Family Hope Program (PKH) and Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT) had not been disbursed by BRI as the distributor. They came with their village head. Residents are upset because the two types of aid have not been disbursed for several months for no apparent reason.

“We question the clarity of the issue of disbursement of aid. The problem is that until now, the balance in the accounts of residents who are beneficiaries is still zero,” said the Head of Masbagik Baru Utara village, Khairul Ihsan.

As the village head, he admitted that this problem was the burden of the village government. The aid has not been disbursed for 8 months, some even for a year.

In addition, Ihsan also questioned the account and recipient data which were found to be very ambiguous. Therefore, he urged the bank to immediately provide what is the right of the community without delay. Moreover, they also really need this assistance in the midst of conditions like today.

Meanwhile, the Head of BRI Masbagik Unit, Muhammad Ali Aspari, who was present at the location responded to the residents’ protests by providing several options. First, he asked the Beneficiary Group (KPM) to come directly to the bank to check the checking account.

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