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An athletic man buys sanitary napkins, his body is stocky. The man buys sanitary napkins while bare-chested to the convenience store. The action of a boy buying sanitary napkins at a mini market because he was insulted has gone viral.
The viral video of the burly man buying the sanitary pad was shared by the TikTok account @koko.lee84.

“Don’t say you’re handsome if you don’t dare to do this… You think Alpha is near your house 2 km away,” wrote this account as a TikTok statement.

Until this news was published, the video has been viewed at least 760 thousand times and received 49 thousand likes.

In the video, the boy is seen standing in front of the shop. He turned out to be preparing to answer the challenge of the netizens who insulted him.

A netizen seemed to write insulting comments if the guy was pretentious. The netizen even challenged the boy to buy sanitary napkins at the convenience store.

“You don’t have to be so handsome, bro. Dare you not buy softex from Alfamart?” challenge the netizen.

Unexpectedly, the boy accepted the challenge. He also took his motorbike in front of the shop, and drove to the nearest minimarket. But the highlight, the guy was not wearing a t-shirt.

He only wore black shorts that were tight enough to buy a sanitary napkin. The guy then rode his motorbike with the outfit. He doesn’t even wear a helmet or mask when he goes to the convenience store.

Even so, the boy looks confident. He parked his motorbike in front of the convenience store and went inside casually. The boy went straight to the shelf filled with sanitary napkins. He unhesitatingly took a brand of sanitary napkins swiftly, then brought it to the counter.

Next, the boy paid for the pads to the cashier. He also did not ask for a plastic bag to carry the sanitary napkins. The boy’s actions made him gawk when he rode his motorbike to go home. He carried the pad with his mouth without looking embarrassed.

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