Viral Woman Eats at the Invitation of Unknown People – 1NEWS

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1NEWS/ist/ Woman Eats at the Invite of an Unknown Person

Two women come to the wedding of someone they don’t know. They are desperate to attend invitations just to get a bite to eat.
The video garnered reactions from netizens. The two women admitted that they did not know the owner of the event.

“Hello guys, we are going to an invitation,” said one of the women in the video.

“Because I’m hungry,” added a friend.

The two of them got dressed and went straight into the wedding tent that was held on the side of the road.


In the video, they are seen walking to a wedding ceremony. They dress like invited guests. Even though they both admitted that they did not know the bride and groom. The two women admitted that they came to the invitation only to eat.

“For the sister who we invited first, thank you, sorry, we are eating because we are hungry, btw hwd,” he wrote in the video description.

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