While Crying Regret “Mak Aty Kodong” After Uploading Photo of Lesti Kejora’s Distended Belly: My Son Lesti, Missing Being on TV! – Gossip

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The latest news about Aty Kodong who is now revealing his heart.

Aty Kodong uploaded a video of his regret for what he had done to Lesti Kejora recently.

This was revealed through a video shared by Aty Kodong via TikTok @atyratu_kodong, Tuesday (28/9/2021).

Even Aty Kodong is ready to put on his body now for Lesti Kejora if someone is harassing his sister.

Aty Kodong admits that what he’s been doing lately is because he misses being on television.

“I’m sorry for blaspheming Lesti my son

I’m crying kodong because I miss wanting to be on kodong tv “, information written in the TikTok account video @atyratu_kodong. But even so, not a few doubt Aty Kodong.

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Many think that Aty Kodong’s action is only to seek sympathy for Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar.

Video of Aty Kodong acting crying regretfully blaspheming Dangdut Singer Lesti Kejora

As if to convince his actions, Aty Kodong also uploaded an old video acting with Lesti Kejora.

In his post, Aty Kodong said that anyone who blasphemes against Lesti Kejora must face him first.

He also admitted that he really missed and wanted to meet Rizky Billar’s wife.

“Who dares to blaspheme Lesty, step over my corpse first, you have to face me, so don’t mess with you,” wrote Aty in her latest upload.

not only that, Aty Kodong also posted an old video with Lesti Kejora, Aty Kodong received criticism after posting a photo of Lesti Kejora with a distended stomach.

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The household life of Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar is getting happier. Because the couple who are familiarly called LesLar have just announced that Lesti Kejora is currently pregnant.

It is known that the couple, often referred to as Leslar, had married religiously at the beginning of last year.

The news of Lesti’s pregnancy also received a reaction from the dancer who had competed with her, namely Aty Kodong.

Previously, Aty Kodong had protested because he was not invited to the wedding of Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar.

However, their relationship seems to have improved after Aty Kodong reacted to the news of Lesti Kejora’s pregnancy.

He posted on his personal Instagram account the condition of Lesti Kejora, who is currently pregnant.

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It can be seen from the video that Lesti is wearing a light blue dress with a bulging stomach that is still small.

This 34-year-old woman even prayed for the first pregnancy of the couple Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar

“Launched until the birth huh… AMEN” Write Aty Kodong.

The post received various comments from netizens.

There are those who are happy with Aty’s treatment and there are also many who seem to sneer at the Swordsman.

Aty Kodong and Lesti Kejora

Because many people mocked him, Aty Kodong re-posted what offended netizens and said that the treatment of Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar was awry.

“I’m surprised, what do you want, pray for WRONG, don’t pray for WRONG too,” Write Aty Kodong

As is known, Lesti Kejora has apologized for not inviting Aty Kodong to his wedding.

This was due to the conditions that were being PPKM at that time.

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Aty Kodong’s remarks also received criticism from dangdut singer Lilis Darawangi.

“My kind-hearted son Lesty @lestykejora congratulations on your pregnancy dear.. hopefully it will be kept away from bad people

all of us closest people must have known this news and are very happy

the point is that everything is halal in front of Allah and gets the blessing of parents

If there are people who are jealous and don’t know anything but slander and talk here and there, may Allah give Hidayah

mom aty @aty_ratu_kodong you are the best to pray for the good for our child lesty

I hope we always support each other and love each other, mom

I love U,” wrote Lilis Darawangi in the comment column of Aty Kodong.

(Source: Tribunmedan.com)

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