3 Things That Cause Pregnancy During Sex, Ignore Myths!

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what causes pregnancy during intercourse

When a sperm cell and an egg cell meet in a woman’s body, fertilization will occur and result in pregnancy. This is what causes pregnancy during intercourse to occur. If you are not using any contraception, and your wife is fertile, the chances of getting pregnant are very high.

Here is the full explanation.

Things that cause pregnancy during intercourse

At least, there are 3 things that cause pregnancy during intercourse, including the following:

1. Not using contraception

If you have sexual intercourse without any contraception, such as birth control pills, condoms, spirals or others. So the chances of getting pregnant are great.

2. Creampie inside

Some people ejaculate outside the vagina in an effort to prevent pregnancy, so that no sperm enters and fertilizes the egg. However, if the husband ejaculates inside the wife’s body without contraception, then the chances of getting pregnant are also great.

3. Having sex during the fertile period

The main thing that causes pregnancy during intercourse is the fertile period of a woman. If you have sexual intercourse without contraception during your fertile period, you are more likely to get pregnant.

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Facts and myths about why women can get pregnant

what causes pregnancy during intercourse

There are many myths about what causes pregnancy during intercourse, some are facts and the rest are nonsense.

Myth #1: Regular menstruation is easy to get pregnant

In fact, every month a woman’s fertile cycle is different. So even if your periods are regular, it’s not necessarily faster or easier to get pregnant than women who have irregular periods.

Pamela Frank, a naturopathic doctor in Toronto says, “If you have very little menstrual blood, it’s a sign that your body lacks estrogen.

While painful menstruation can be a sign of endometriosis.

For this reason, Pamela advises couples who are pregnant to consult a doctor, so that they can check the menstrual cycle and the fertile period of a woman.

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Myth #2: There is still a good chance of pregnancy until the age of 40 years

Many women think that they still have a chance to get pregnant until the age of 40, when menopause begins. In fact, according to Paul Claman, an OB/GYN in Ottawa, female fertility begins to decline at 27 or 28 years of age, and at 35 years of age fertility is very fragile.

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, at the age of 40, a woman’s chance of getting pregnant is less than 5% in each menstrual cycle. There are many factors that cause infertility to occur such as diet and lifestyle.

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what causes pregnancy during intercourse

Myth #3: An orgasmic wife can ‘suck up’ sperm faster

In fact, orgasm does not affect the chances of pregnancy at all. Research has proven, that orgasm does not help the uterus attract sperm faster. Sperm itself can live in the female reproductive organs for several days, even though women do not orgasm.

Myth #4: Sex every day can make you pregnant

Often, couples who really want children have sex every day in order to get pregnant quickly. In fact, this can trigger stress that lowers the chances of pregnancy.

Paul Claman said ovulation occurs 14 days before the date of menstruation occurs, he recommends that promil couples have sex on the 18th day before menstruation so that the chances of pregnancy are higher.

Myth #5: Wife on back with legs raised after sex

This is of course a myth, because there is no difference in any position you do after sex occurs. Even though you immediately stand up after your husband ejaculates, you may feel fluid flowing out but it’s not sperm, but semen.

Sperm will immediately swim looking for eggs as soon as they enter the vagina, while semen will flow following gravity.

Facts about things that cause pregnancy during intercourse

cause of pregnancy

1. Foods high in dairy fat

Research in 2007 revealed that people who follow a diet low in milk fat (dairy) have a higher risk of infertility and lack of ovulation. Pamela Frank says, we just need to eat well to stay fertile, but reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar because excess sugar intake can disrupt hormonal balance.

“Eat healthy foods such as organic fruits and vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, and nuts. Avoid foods that contain pesticides, as well as chemicals such as BPA which can disrupt hormones,” said Pamela.

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Don't Believe Myths!  3 Things That Cause Pregnancy During Love

2. Stress lowers the chances of pregnancy

Pamela Frank said, if a person experiences excessive stress, his reproductive organs will not work optimally. So for couples who are promil, you should not put too much emphasis on the results, so as not to experience stress.

Enjoy the process and enjoy your company with your partner. Husband and wife must support each other so that stress does not arise.

3. Alternative medicine for pregnancy

Some alternative treatments such as acupuncture can reduce stress levels and benefit those of you who are pregnant. But it doesn’t necessarily make you pregnant.

Of course, other things must be done such as consuming fertility-enhancing foods, and changing lifestyles to be healthier.

Hope it is useful.

Source: Today’s Parents

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